I was out on Saturday night working my game. So far, so good. None of my openers fell flat and I started some good conversations with women. I was getting a lot of smiles and a few other IOIs. My game so far has been to convince the ladies that I am the funniest guy in the room. One problem that I was having is that after I led with my initial opener then conversation would slow down. Anyone have any tips on multi-threading? How do I make my transitions smooth without conveying too much interest? Also when is the right time to ask a woman for her name?

Example field report:

Me: (approaching 2 8s) So does anyone ever open doors for you girls?
Her: Yeah! (Laughs incredulously)
Me: Ok quick question for you then. What is a man supposed to do at a revolving door…I mention it because earlier today I opened a revolving door for a girl while I was standing halfway in it and she walked in front of me and started pushing it. So we end up in the same stall together and she just stops. So now, I have to reach around her to push the door and I am like rubbing up against the back of her. It was very uncomfortable.
Her: You should probably just let her go first.
Me: And then turn it like a carousel or what?
Her: (Laughs) Maybe but as long as you just let her go first you are being a gentleman.
Me: Good to know…thanks…BTW I am Brandon what’s your name…
(Exchange names…brief silence and then I break into another routine that falls flat)
Me: So another question for you. Who wins in a fight 20 midgets or a lion?