This is amazing. If I look back just 5 months ago I would be sitting in my basement all week long playing video games, talking to maybe one girl.

Look at me now, I have 4 dates set up this week, I've successfully added a girl to my contacts every day for the past 2 weeks, and it's just getting better and better.

I'm getting so good that when a girl called my friend last night to talk to him I ended up getting her to send me some naughty pics in just over 25 minutes. Not only this but the girl actually made my friend give her my number so she could text me more today.

A weekend ago I had a party and hooked up with a girl there.

I have a date two days from now to see her again.

A girl who I kinda dropped for a bit is coming back to me and she is going to be easy game this summer.

I have a girl begging me to fark her even though she has a boyfriend.

I'm trying a full day of approaches tomorrow, going to an amusement park and approaching every single HB I see.

So for all those people who are reading this forum and don't know if this shit works, or know it works but are wondering how well...

Well then all I have to say is that its going to change your life.

Oh and also, I'm just 15.