ok i did this one to bounce off some fun ideas. ok i have a girlfriend that i have flirted with and almost hooked up with in the past when we were both dating people. today she texts me saying "she has a super cute girlfriend that needs help with calc and she felt she couldnt be that much help and saying she would pay me and everything".
ok well first off im a certified tutor so i can charge quite a bit. but i ended up talking to this girl today and helping her over the phone and i know im going to be meeting up with her to help her. i was trying to think of some good ways to pull this girl. i was thinking of starting out being funny, interesting, doing a little cocky funny, some push pull, and some false disqualification. i was thinking of maybe some things to do or maybe best places to meet. she seems really cool and very bubbly (i love bubbly) so i was just thinking about it. also why would she put super cute girlfriend. why would she tell me she is basically hot to entice me to talk to her. personally i feel like she is trying to play matchmaker and ill go with it if the girl is really cute.

So my thought was to maybe meet somewhere that most people like, with good food and all that and just do some calc work. first i was thinking of just starbucks, somewhere quiet and all that so i can talk up my game and work that part and then if i feel like i want to hook up with this girl and possibly date then ill go further but for now something cheap and easy. i know i need to help her but i also want to make her laugh and show her a great time and have a strong frame. so ill help her with her work while distracting her and all that. if i see lots of good IOI's then i was possibly thinking of doing a game where i will obviously win and the bet is a date or something. something silly that she will obviously like, its shows im interested and that ill have fun. so my thought was the five question game. i have never lost at that game before. and then i dont need to Number Close cause my friend gave me her number to help her and call her. so basically i skipped quite a few steps and i just get into my game. then i was thinking of doing a fun date that incorperates being active with enough to talk and then maybe ending it with some food and of course a kiss close if not more.

any suggestions on what else to do?!? or maybe stuff to change.

i never keep a very solid plan, just kind of tentative so i know what im doing when i get into it i have somewhat of a game plan.