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    dell Guest

    Default first in field exp

    ok so i spent the weekend watching videos on youtube from pua artists, mystery method etc.

    went out for a feew beers last night with a friend...his gf turned up so i decided time to move on home.

    on the way I'm on the tube and this girl smiles at me, so i get off my seat and go drop an obsevational opener about it being hot or something. I basically used all the things i could remember.... So, yes the negs work, yes taking her for an emotional rollercoaster works (we are too similar it will never work, lets get a divorce blah blah), Kino works (even managed a piroette). I kissed/number closed on my first approach. The beer definately helped as i was at a good level but this post is from a complete newby, a complete NO GAMER! I have always been shy and settled for how life treated's time to change the way the world reacts to me.

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    Default Re: first in field exp

    Congrats and welcome.

    It's good to know that the bits work. And a kclose is a great way to start and boost your confidence! Keep learning and try to add a new bit everytime you go out.

    Let ya know if there is anything we can help you with.

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    dell Guest

    Default Re: first in field exp

    cheers dude, i must admit, it was a sureal 5 minutes. now i have to learn some text game...and sort our my LTR cos it's only going to cause problems. i can also imagine this becomming quite addictive.

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    NUGUY Guest

    Default Re: first in field exp

    when u said she smiled at you, i instantly thought of this PUA named Sasha, maybe youve heard of him, hes this really hilarious guy. anyway, he has an opener that goes like this for that situation "hey... were u smiling at me, or were u just thinking of fluffy bunnies?" its funny and playful and if she goes either way it sets you up for a playful vibe.

    and im not an expert in the game to any standards, but you said that u used alchohol as a crutch to kind of get over Approach Anxiety, thats fine and all, but why not try it sober now, i mean you clearly know this stuff works, so why not try it clean. that way it feels so much better when u can say that it was totally you and u didnt have any "help"...

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    Default Re: first in field exp

    lol its all good. it takes some confidence boosting sometimes before they dont need a crutch anymore. i know i used a crutch sometimes but that was to get me out of my own head. i was never drunk, just tipsy and it helped. after about five of those i found doing it sober was even a little better because i was more observant and then i didnt seem stupid sometimes. haha good job. you have to start somewhere. welcome to the community
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