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    Default Second Field Report

    Hey guys,

    So last Saturday I went out again with a few friends to a bar. I saw a 2 set, approached them (they were sitting down in the lounge), and used the opener 'Hey girls, I need to head back to my friends in a minute but I have a dilemma I'd like a female perspective on. My 17 year old cousin met her first boyfriend and thinks he's the 'one'. As such, she wants to tattoo his name across her chest. It seems no matter what I say, she won't listen. I'm sure you guys remember your first love, what can I say/do to help persuade her otherwise?'

    The masks seemed to drop immediately and both girls seemed exciting to give their input. After a few back and forth I made the comment 'you know how I know you two are good friends? You both make the same facial expressions', which they laughed at. After this however, I felt like my conversation dropped in degree of playfulness and teasing so at that point the attraction building either stopped in its tracks and receded. What are some more negs I could have used? Also, I have some great travel stories... What are some good ways to string convo topics to get to this point?

    Lastly, regarding the time constraint, I was there with friends. At what point in the convo would I return to them? And how would I go about getting a number from one before heading back?

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    Default Re: Second Field Report

    In this situation, I'm not sure you really *needed* to use negs; it seemed you were dhv-ing with just your conversational skills. UNTIL it dropped off as you said. To remedy that, I'd suggest having some of your conversational material stacked mentally before the weekend even starts. You don't have to use it as you stack it, but it should help you to have it there in case it's needed during a conversation. Feel it dropping, quick grab another topic out of your head.
    As for integrating your travel stories, it's not that important HOW you bring it up, so long as its not obscenely abrupt. Simply asking them if they have any stories or if they like to travel (everyone likes to travel, even if they don't actually do it) to transition the conversation into that direction so you can play to your strengths. Hope this helped!

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    Default Re: Second Field Report

    One thing I learned from the bootcamp I just attended is that you need to reward women for taking the time to let you engage them. You opened them, and then transitioned nicely. At that point you could/should have thrown them a bone for listening, then asked them something about themselves to give you something to work off of. For instance:

    "Oh my god! You guys are so friendly (complement and psychological compliance conditioning), your not like some of the other people I have meet around here (again psychological compliance, also this whole line gives you a reason for caring about their life). So what brings you out tonight?"

    Now they have to give a response because you just complemented them for being friendly. If they give any sort of detail, seize on it and further question or make cold read type statements off of it to build further conversation.

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