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Thread: Anatomy of a Pick-up Almost SNL

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    Default Anatomy of a Pick-up Almost SNL

    Below I have written a field report of a pick-up and almost SNL from my boot-camp experience (, as well as a blow by blow explanation of the techniques I employed.

    To start out I went around the club with my wing and pre-opened tons of set's of girls. To do this, I primarily opened with an observational opener, then transitioned before finally introducing myself and ejecting. For the purposes of this report, I will call the girl I picked-up: “Gina”. Gina (easily one of the 5 hottest girls in the club) and her friend (“Sara”) were standing near a corner dancing and drinking. There was also a guy standing next to Sara who looked pretty AFC. I walked up and lightly touched Sara's arm to get her attention. When she turned, I asked her if her drink was any good because I went to [the club right down the street] the night before and their cranberry vodka was terrible (that looked like the drink she had and I motioned towards it as I finished the opener). This opener wasn't terribly strong, but it worked, and she gave me a quick, but detailed description of what she liked about the drink. I immediately transitioned and simultaneously opened her friend, by saying, “Oh my god, are you guys sisters? Your both have the same adorable hair cut, and I can see you're really comfortable together.” They immediately looked at each other and laughed, and I said, “See!”. They then proceeded to tell me that they were actually best friends and that it was Gina's birthday. At this point I said, “Congratulation s. You guys are so friendly. My name's [GunsNGlory].” I got their names and shook their hands. Then said, “I'm gonna go meet some other people, so I'll catch you later.” then ejected. The entire time Sara's AFC guy friend hung back and kept to himself.

    I went around the club pre-opening other sets, and occasionally getting blown out. Once I came back around, I saw the two girls again. They had moved a bit, and there was another guy trying to hit on them. The AFC guy with Sara was trying his best to look alpha, but failing terribly, however it was enough to get the creepy guy to hit primarily on Gina. I moved in so I stood half way between Gina and the creep and said, “Hey there Birthday Girl! How's it going?” She immediately gave me an “Oh thank god!” look and responded very enthusiastically. I immediately high-fived and fist bumped her. Then told her that a normal fist bump was kinda lame, and proceeded to show her how “my friends and I do it”. I made up this thing where after the high five and the fist bump, we slapped the back of our hands together. When she messed it up a bit I gave her a hard time, and made her do it again, then pulled her into a side hug when she got it right.

    The creep had been standing behind me looking awkward this whole time. At this point he tapped me on the shoulder, and asked me how I knew these girls (classic AMOG'ing technique). I just avoided the trap by saying, “Hey dude, hold on a sec.” Then I turned back to Gina, and started another conversation. The creep then started trying to chat up Sara. I used this opportunity to further get myself into the group. As soon as I responded to something Gina said, I said, “Oh my god! You totally haven't introduced me to your other friend (the AFC guy). With that, I immediately stepped between the creep and Sara, and introduced myself to the guy, and complemented him on his really cool friends. With that, the creep finally gave up and slinked away. I then started focusing most of my attention on the Gina because she was the odd one out.

    After awhile I convinced Gina to leave her friends, on the pretense of going to the second floor balcony where it was quieter. Once there, we talked a bit more, and then I got her playing a people watching game, where she would point out people and I would make up funny crap about what they were doing or thinking.

    Eventually Gina's two friends wandered up and rejoined us. Soon Sara and Gina went to the bathroom together. Gina made me promise to “not go anywhere.” I immediately went over to a nearby bouncer and made small talk with him because he looked bored, and it never hurts to have them on your side. Then I went and opened another set of three just to practice, and so I wouldn't look lame when Gina came back out. When she came out, I motioned her over then excused myself from the group I was talking to, and turned to Gina and continued our conversation.

    At this point I told Gina that my friend and I might be going out the next night, and asked her for her number so we could meet up. She gave it to me, and I made her laugh by putting her name in my phone as "Birthday Girl".

    At some point a dude came over and started getting belligerent with us, but luckily my new bouncer friend saw it and came over, and politely told him that he had better take a walk. At some point I mentioned that I loved meeting new people in clubs, and Gina said that she rarely went and introduced herself to people. I told her that we had to change that, and told her to point to a group of interesting people. With that, put my arm around her and steered her over to the group and opened them, introducing us both to the people in the group. The two guys were visiting from the EU, and were really friendly. After that I told Gina, that we were going to try to meet as many people from other countries as we could. We went and met people from about eight other groups before we quit with that game. Finally the club started to wind down, and I tried to convince Gina to go get food with me, but she wasn't tired of the club scene, so I convinced her that we should go to another club. Her two friends decided to come too.

    Once we arrived at the new club Gina wanted to dance. Short of swing dancing, I had never danced before in my life, but it was a great chance to sexually escalate so I went out there and just went nuts. Things heated up pretty good before we got tired, and then I moved her to the other side of the bar from her friends, where we got food. After eating, I started working deep qualification on her, and escalating kino. We made out several times. Finally, I convinced her that we should leave together. She wanted to say good night to her friends, so we went back to their table, but then she got caught up in a conversation with them. While she was chatting, I let my hands explore under the table, and she seemed to be enjoying it.

    Several guys came over and tried to hit on her but she blew them out of the water. Finally a couple lesbian's came over and started hitting on her, but she didn't catch on right away. I thought it was hilarious, so I sat back to watch the show. Finally the one lesbian whispered in her ear (I lip read it), “I would totally bend you over and fark you with a strap-on”. I had my hand on the inside of Gina's thigh and I felt it immediately heat up, and her clinch my hand between her thighs. Shortly thereafter, Sara convinced her that she should go take off with me.

    We had previously established that Gina lived pretty close to where I was staying, so I told her, I should ride with her back to her place, and then call for a cab to save on the fare. Obviously I never intended to get to the cab ordering part.

    On the trip back to Gina's place, I made my first big mistake. I didn't continue sexually escalating. I got lazy and just went back to qualification and comfort building. I figured I would have time to do that once we got to her place. By this time, we were both pretty tired. Gina asked me where I lived again, and I told her (my second fatal mistake). She said, “Wow that is really close! It's only like eight blocks from here, I'll just take you home.” Thus ended my almost SNL experience. Still it was a lot of fun.

    I hope you guys get some useful information, let me know if you have any questions.

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