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    lion Guest

    Default cockkkk block by "friend"

    so we meet up at about 930 at my a fellow friends house we buy some bacardi and make a mix drink with coke. Our third friend finally comes late like usual byt w/e he drinks his drink and were on our way to the club. Its about 10 when we arive to the club and its still dead some im pritty tipsy and tell my frinds lets grab a quick bite, none one was hungry and they would be willing to wait it out till the club picks up but i told them lets eat now so my tipsyness(if thats even a word) dies down a little. Couse woman know when a guy is a little tipsy we'll than again anyone could. So back to the story we go on the main block and as we pass I notice to pritty hot woman one an 8 and the other one finally met my standerds and i could say she was good enough for me so i gave her a ten. We make eye contact and i tell my friend whos driving find a spot fast we just passed up to super hot babys (line from swingers) so my friend parks and we jump out we walk down the block looking quickly into every store window and i take a chance and say lets hit up the hookah spot which has food also. So we do and there they are the super hot babys so i go straight into the bathroom to relieve my self which was badly needed after all that liquor. While going into the bathroom we make eye contact again. My frond walks into the bathroom after me and i tell him ill open the set and have them join us so we dotn sit alone and look like chodes. But he says hell pen them to i agree and go out to the back into the patio section of the hookah spot. The girls soon fallow as i knew they would. Long story short i switch up my tones dhv to the fullest with all my true travel storys my expected and upcoming trip to europe we joke around and move my chair much closer to the woman i saw was cute and fit for me . We talk on our own to one another we joke tell storys do my usual routine. My friend #2 who drove and who waited with me while drinking for the 3rd frinds goes on a walk with the other girl that was for him. So its me my "10" and my chode of a frinds who the whole time did nothing but bitch give attitude and simply played the whole girlfriend role did nothing but killed the mood. So me and the HB 10 are kicking it off. She askes for my bbm but i dont have one on my blackberry so im about to get her phone number and the chode hands her his phone and gets her bbm not that she wanted to but couldnt say no it would be rude. (but the whole time he did nothig but bitch and wine) so she looks at me as if i should ask for her # we walk out say our byes and leave. We get to the car and mr.chode doens know what he did. KILLED THE BEST SET OF THE WEEK. help me with what should i do just sarge sole by myself??????

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    Default Re: cockkkk block by "friend"

    hey lion,

    do us a favor and break up your posts into paragraphs

    (a wall of text is hard to read).


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