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    Default Want a girl for a serious relation, but tricky situation...

    Hey guys,

    I know my story wont be short but trust me it is a very interesting and uncommun situation and I think I can endle the situation, but I need advises from the best of us in order to do the best I can. By the way im a french canadian, so sorry if my written english isnt perfect.

    At college I met a wierd guy who became my friend. At this time, he had a GF which was very sexy and cute (HB 9) and I started talking to her ( this happens in my last session of my college and I was 19 years old. At this time I had no clue about PUA.

    Anyways, to make a long story short, the guy left her for the second time cause he wanted to have new sexual experiences but still continued to see and have sex with her. (without saying it openly to her) it was the second time that this pattern was occuring in their couple. The last time, he came back with her after a while. Bu this time, she approched me and I decided that for the first time of my life, I would try to make a move on a girl.

    So I started dating her fews times and everything was going well exept that her ex-BF wasnt knowing that we were dating each other and started to be paranoiac was abusively text/calling/waiting in her bedroom/etc her and when he finally knew it, he went strait to her bed the next morning at 7h00 and started crying in her bed etc.

    I continued having sex with her and to see her few times a week but she told me few times she didnt know who to choose between the 2 of us. I told here that i would wait for her answer and I loved her (lolll i know... i was a wussy) Obviously, my faced up tactic didnt worked and she went back with him eventho she knew he was an asshole.

    At this point I decide to delete her from facebook and my cell phone so I cant contact her anymore. Saw her few times in bars but didnt even look at her while saying Hi! to her friends. I was wondering what didnt worked and discovered the PUA mentality, read alot about it etc etc. i started opening in bars and i dated few girls but non of them really interested me. At this point, I had completly cleared my hb 9 from my head.

    After i would say, 4 to 6 months, she told me I was right about the guy and that she hoped one day ill want to see her again. i used the PUA mentality by not being clear to her what I was thinking about that and by answering with short text. Also, I never text her the first in 3 weeks and was always the one closing the conver . At this point, (knew it recently) he had left her but she was still chilling with him and obviously having sex.

    She finally quit him for real, trust me, and asked me to do something with me (happened 1 week ago) so I invited her to take a spa at my place between 3 and 6h00 but finaly she stayed with me even tho I invited 2 of my best friends and we talked till 1h00 in the morning. After my friends were gone, we stayed with each other and she explained me all her story with the other dude and told me that she really had a great night and that she wanted to do something with me again.

    The next morning she text me something like: be carefull cause if we hang out again, she might jump on me etc etc and had few very open conver in the last days before I invited her to hang out at my place, both knowing that the main goal was having sex. We had a very cool night, laugh all the way and finished in bed. When she quit, she didnt want to give my a little kiss without telling me why. That is the entire text i received in the morning:

    Hb 9: Hey! Good morning I though you would understand but... i jsut wanna tell u that im not ready to get into another relationship... for now... i just want to hang out with my friends and have fun... I really like u and I really had fun the 2 times we hang out... but I might had make a mistake on your intentions... the kiss u wanted... I didnt give it cause it means something to me and im just not ready to get into those things again... i have no clue how youll react to this... but im taking the guess... have a nice day :P

    So we had a little text talk about that (this morning). i told her the kiss didnt mean anything to me it was to end the night well. That I had evolved since we hanged out in the past and that I am not really hoping for anything from her. And to be 100% honest with her I told her she was the only girl I was dating/having sex with at the moment and if my plans were changing, ill advise her.

    We also planed to have a dinner with a really good friend of mine (she saw him at my place the other night) and her girl friend. I told her that if she does see the kiss like something important, we might cancel the dinner + pool + alcool but she told we she want to do it cause THAT doesnt mean anything to her (lol). (in approx. 5 days)

    SOOOOO... there I am. I still have feelings for that girl and I know shes the one I want. I feel like she have a little something for me too and thats its not only for sex. We have fun and laugh everytime we are with each other. My plan with her, from the start, was to be the one leading and the one having the control of the situation. With what she texted me, I feel like she took back the momenthum and shes the one having the "momenthum" back.

    I really do understand her situation... In fact, she ended up her relation with the moron 2 days ago cause she went bk to take her things at his place. Its understandable that she doesnt want to go bk into something serious at the moment and that proves shes a LITTLE BIT smart...

    The big deal is that I dont want her to feel I am waiting for her and that Ill always be there. I think it IS possible we finish together but I want to be sure I put all the chances on my side. My general plan would be to:

    1. Let her text me first in general
    2. be a little bit more cold with her (ex: she always text me: good ngiht xoxox, So ill only reply 45min later : good night!
    3. Prepare my friend to help me giving her a very good night at our dinner at the end of the week so she remember it a long time.
    4. After that dinner, I wont invite her to hang out with me.
    5. Ill go back in clubs and date as many girls as I can and let her know that.
    6. Ill try to cancel a date with her soon, so that she feels like shes isnt my priority (punish her)

    PLEASE, I need advise and tips on how to act in this situation! If you have any questions or you dont understand something, feel free to ask!

    Thanks alot in advance!

    Jc aka

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    Default Re: Want a girl for a serious relation, but tricky situation...

    you have got it. biggest thing is avaibility. you want her to know that she might lose out and needs to A) accept you are going to get a different hot chick or B) she can choose to have you and only keep you if she is smart. biggest thing right now is make her chase you, freeze her out, but then you also want to show interest. you want that balance of interest with also the feeling that you choose and she doesnt
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