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    TD_Natural Guest

    Default 2nd Meet to Lay Report: Unreactive!

    Here's a lay report from yours truly, TD_Natural

    How I closed this out... the key was just acting super normal, with a strong belief system and allowing the girl to pick you up. ESPECIALLY if its a second meet.

    Most of my lays/seductions come from only two things 1) the right vibe, and 2) being at the right place at the right time (logistics)

    So we were at my favorite irish pub, and some of my TX Boys (kidding, theyre just...them) we're hanging around just having a great time, where one of my past approaches (HB9Latina) came over to see me. Boy did she look smokin tonight. We sat down, introduced her to a couple of friends, and i didnt stick to her like glue. If i wanted to move, i would let a wingman handle the situation, and do the two chinese generals (if you are a texas boy, its the only rule of winging. Read chinese war parables)

    So we talk, down some redbulls (yes, me and the chick) talk some more, then we bounced to the club.

    When we got to the club, i wasn't in a hurry to close. Lemme repeat, if you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, there's no point for the whole scarcity mentality to take over you. I was talking to my boy turbine a month ago, and i told him that if the close will just ruin The Vibe, DONT DO IT. Let her close you!

    So yeah, i wasnt Kino escalating, matter of fact i left her a couple of times (about 30-40 mins)...some douschebag guys try to pick her up, and i am UNREACTIVE. I seriously dont care. because i know the fact she parked far away, walked in her high heeled shoes, lookin all hot to see me, was an investment in her part. It was a huge investment that wasn't gonna get trumped by some dude.

    Understand that attraction will always be trumped by investment and comfort. You can push all the reactionary pick up wizardry all you can, and all you'll get are reactions. And it just becomes merely a back and forth thing with no ending. And it makes you have this false feeling that you are a stud. There can be guys better looking, cooler, funnier than you, but if you got the girl invested, there's nothing, i say NOTHING they can do. She will go home with you and you will f--ck her.

    So i come back and she is dragging me to the dancefloor. No, i dont kino escalate, i just have fun. snowman,ed, and some guys were there and we were trully just kicking it.

    2:00 we're out, we hang out in front of the venue, my client starts chatting up sets, while my pua wingmen snowman and steele were just kickin it, here and there talking to my girl and her sister. Nothing groundbreaking, but the result was. We bounce, steele and snowman stay to do some run and gun street approaches on 6th, and told me "you get laid, we'll call you in the morning." My latina calls for me, so now we are down to a party of 4.

    The great thing about successful wingmen is that they have a chemistry with you. So we roll to my hotel and pick up my car. We are all chill and having fun

    Time to DUMP my beliefs, to allow the sexual escalation to happen.

    I start talking about kissing, sex, orgasms...she're such a perv! I say "YES, I AM (She laughs)...i AM A MAN, i have a screw between my legs and someday i will have smart, good looking babies"

    She said "youre right" (Strong beliefs are accepted as truth)

    We go to mickey dees, get us some ice cream and some grub. I gas up my car, normal normal stuff. Since i got her redbulls and mickey dees, i told her to get me one thing: a deck of cards

    "You get a deck of cards because we're playing cards back at the spot"

    She puts more effort by going down, and lining up beside some real pervy dudes telling her she's hot, and she got the cards. Its an effort.

    Those cards are still wonderfully sealed in my room right now, they never saw the light of day.

    She comes back, we talk some more, just joke around, we flip around the gps, at the end we roll back up to my room to "play cards"

    As far as i can remember all 4 of us were there and we started pillow fighting, hair pulling, massaging, and just goofing off (in summary). We had some bullSh1t sports game on TV that we really didnt even get to focus on.

    So my wingman gets her sister and starts leading her out of the room to get some gatorade which i am drinking now. He leads her outside once more, and as they go in leads her to settle in the couch in front of the bed.

    We are in my bed, chillin, i massage her, and start pulling her hair back a bit, she loves it. Some incidental kino here and there as my arms are perfectly wrapped around her and are brushing aside her breasts. Pure comfort, thats what it is. She was completely, super comfortable with me. I broke all her belief levels down. Small sniffs, flip sexual switch...and i am on. I play direct interest, voice tone changes, i am not mister coffee date self anymore.

    My wingman does a great job of distracting the sister. I tell her "when i was a kid i loved to play tent!" i pull up the sheets to cover us a la MTV real world sex scenes. When i did that, we start making out hard core....super tongue down...everything. This ensues for 10 minutes and i get a bit of resistance...she goes

    "I want to, but my sister is here, i can't"

    So i go okay! I take the sheets off. look at her sister and say

    "I got some words for you, GET THE fark OUT!" -- In a playful kind of way..but very alpha with a loud voice.

    Everybody starts laughing hard....honesty is the best policy. she gets it, so in a few minutes her and my wing wander off

    As soon as that door slammed shut and the click was heard...oh boy did she want it BAD!

    Great sex, took her out to meet her sister, and me and my wing hung out.

    So yeah live life, have a vision, a purpose, have self respect and self worth, drop the ego, and share the love to others without anything in return. This will open up a blueprint for them to pick you up.

    Good night everyone


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    Androkles Guest

    Default Re: 2nd Meet to Lay Report: Unreactive!

    I love it. You did from what I can tell, everything right and had nothing phase you. You also just ignored the testing that she threw at you, which was great! I myself am more of a mocker at women, ill tell her to go pick someone else up, or if she mentions another male in an intimate way I tell her I'd love to be best man at her wedding haha. I believe both approaches are valid. Good Job.

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    amino2 Guest

    Default Re: 2nd Meet to Lay Report: Unreactive!

    I absolutely appreciate it when I hear you guys with success stories! I am fascinated to watch the evolution of this community from guy who never had a gf to guys gettin a** all the time. Thanks.

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