Here's a photo of her:

I'm not gonna lie, this was one of the best I've had in months

I was on an off day when I got invited to this huge, multilevel club. There were a lot of cuties, but heck after teaching all day yesterday, It was time for me to play.

First key to getting out of your head

1) APPRECIATE YOUR ENVIRONMENT - like literally if you're not smiling, you're farked.

So, right when i got in there was a photo shoot with some models and i cut in, took a few with them, chatted for a bit and boom warm up was done. 5 minutes this evening. I appreciated the fact that this was an awesome multi level club which had a nice vip area, good music, and most of all, my coolest local friends were there. Perfect recipe

A new concept that has been getting me successful pulls from the club, and its called

Club Game Rewarding

You heard it right. It takes experience of being in the club for so long to actually notice the ways women make efforts.

So I see three girls with numbers tags on their wrists. They're the tallest, cutest ones in the crowd. Apparently they were all bikini models. I lay my hand on one's shoulder, face my friend and say "Hey XX, meet.....number 13"

BOOM its on...i notice the ONE girl i actually found very gorgeous, so I cut through the set and go straight for her as my buddy talked to number thirteen...

"OK whats your number"

"I'm number ONE!"

"Wow, okay, so tell me WHY you're number one"

She tells me XXXX qualities and i relate by telling her i'd like to cook someday blah blah i tried to roll sushi...etc etc etc

After that she tells me she does modeling as well as she's an accountant. I tell her i like my girls gorgeous and smart.

I told her that once she gets on stage I will be yelling her name to the top of my lungs. She said that she'd be really happy if that happened. I hang for a bit, start sexcalating slowly, and then i tell her i gotta move for a sec.

I get to the bar and down some red bulls, speaking really really loud to my mates, and this chick beside me overhears. We look at each other, I think i just said "whats your name" she tells me her cool name which i frankly dont remember. I said "So, who is the genius who came up with that name!" She said it was her grandma, and so i said her grandma was so cool I had to meet her. She later then tells me she's a model for Levis. In which i twirl her around and check out her slim body. I ask her if she does this for a living and she tells me that she's a financial analyst for so-and-so firm. "Nice!" I said. I told her that I liked the fact that she's a smart cookie as well. then I DQed by saying i was good in Math but I scorned accounting. Things got personal right there but understand this wasn't even more than 20 seconds. It was just pinpoint accuracy rewarding.

I said "lets go dance just once" so i pull her to the dance floor, and even before we got settled we started making out. No words, no gambits or whatever. Just straight up for like, the next 10 minutes. She wants to bounce with me and pull me home. Thing is, i just got there, and after meeting FHM models and some real cuties in the VIP i dont think i would just bounce as easy as that.

I remember just going into sets and getting cuties attracted. Luckily i had all the social proof I needed as well, as i found an old friend who now takes club photos. Convenient! I got in close with the model's manager and got to her good graces.

I leave, vibe with everyone, see an old man with some girl and taught him some salsa. Everyone around spotted this and saw that i wasn't a fake. I was an overflowing fountain of vibe. Had a few dance offs, and occasionally bumped into HBModel

1 am -- its DYNAMO TIME.

I see HBModel, take her as always -- do escalation stuff on her, with a few occasional stops. I noticed after testing a few times for the kiss she didn't want to kiss me right there (fear of being judged maybe?). So, i tell her "What time can you leave?"

She says "Anytime"

I go "lets go"

She goes with me to the 3rd floor VIP, takes me to the private balcony where they left their bags, and literally eats my face, and **** me off right at the balcony, i guess in front of the onlookers and the taxi guys. Did i care? NO. I was with the girl I wanted to be with. After eating my face, we roll down, I gladhand some old friends, toss her on my car, and tell my bud to drive off. Right then and there we start getting hot and heavy. Crazier foreplay.

I tell her....

Me "I'm glad I'm with number one..."
HB "Yes, and you're my trophy. You deserve a number one."

Apparently she couldn't wait for sex so she gave me head right then and there and this was the basic dialogue that followed:

"Oh baby..."

"You're the number one d**k in the world!"

"Oh ! you're number one! aaaaahhhhh! ahhhhhh!"

And my favorite...

"The guy in the vest is the best! aaaaahhhhh...."

I pound her in my ride for like the next 30 minutes, and the dude driving took so many detours that I really didn't want to c*m early. So, we were literally for about 45 minutes. And we hadn't even reached my condo.

We get to my condo and do it around 3 more times, then we fall into a deep sleep. 10 am rolls in and i do her one more time before returning her to her condo.

I told her to leave her number one tag with me, so she leaves her "number one" tag with a note that said "to the best s** machine i've ever had -- keep it up!"

Yours Truly My Fellow Bros