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    Default In progress field report REQUESTING HELP

    I am at a korean restaurant with a girl I convinced to buy me dinner.she is a 5 and I want to Pivot to the 8 in a 1-3 f-m set. The guys she is with are the obnoxious frat type, all white. She looks to be korean.


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    Default Re: In progress field report REQUESTING HELP

    Well the dinner is over, back at my pad deciding if I want to head out tonight and hit some bars. I know I [i]should[/].

    I ended up never approaching the set, despite getting the perfect chance at one point. Both groups stayed until the restaurant closed and when we left they were hanging around outside the front. The target was isolated and looking bored as she typed on her phone, the 3 fratties were only entertaining each other. I had heard their conversation most of dinner and had some idea of what topics I could use to win over the guys. The girl was native Korean; I had heard her accent. I could have thrown out the little Korean I know and managed a secret conversation with her. How sexy would that have been? And my date and I had already decided to split afterwords (UG and as I discovered too old, but she still paid for my meal) so pivoting off of her wouldn't even be rude.

    But I guess I got to comfortable during the long dinner discussion and had trouble shifting gears when given the chance. Chastise me.

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