i have been running game on a waitress for about 2 weeks. she is a flirt and hangs around gay boys, been recently married, and in short plays a lot of games. she wants a shag but is going all the roundabout ways of communicating it.

despite good Kino and hugging etc... whilst she was working i felt the games coming in when her mother was in the restaurant and she started freezing me out. i cut her off cos i dont appreciate being treated like that by her when she had obviously been wasting my time. if she cant let her mother see that she is going to sleep with me and i am supposed to act like one of the boys or poofs she hangs around with, then she can bugger off.

so i still go the cafe with my mate and business partner and he is up on what is happening between me and her. i told him that i am cutting her loose and not really interested though she is used to be sucking up to her and qualifying to her etc...

so after we had done business i walked to the bookstore where a more mature 31 year old woman is and i picked up the thread where i had left off with her last week. her and i got chatting. she was a bit coy at first as i walk into these places to chat to my girls and run game on em but once i got going and escalated from last time she was flirting with me and we were talking WITH each other, having a bit of fun. i got broken ito twice by punters wanting to buy books so i called it quits for the evening.

in that second conversation where the babe had been open to sharing with me there was a lot of hair pulling by her and full facing me exposing her throat and laughing throatily... all that stuff

the first chick who i could not care less about is 25 and the second is 31. i am finding babes in their 30's can be some of the most beautiful women i have found. currently i have a few in their 20's on the go. alot seem to be around 22. i dont come across enough in their 30's but by god some of them are beautiful and so mature about what should come naturally