Was waiting in line the bathroom when this cute 5'2" HB7 with blonde hair and blue eye make-up walks up behind me carrying 4 different dresses with her.

"You have a lot of clothes. I guess the dress your wearing isn't enough for an event this cool?" I ask, earning a smile and an explanation that there is a thrift booth here and she is trying them on. I launch into Style's C vs U shaped smiles test and it is going well.

Her friend shows up right after and I am forced to repeat the explanation of C vs U shaped with her. Her friend is a HB4.5 with bookish glasses and a wide face. Here is where I make a mistake; the friend is not a target, but she fit my "Recommend me a good book? You look kind of bookish so I figure you must have good tastes." neg so well it jumped right out.

After I get my turn to piss I return and take a seat on this couch beside the line and ask the bookish girl more about the book she is explaining. I don't know if I just felt more confident gaming her or what, but I had clearly forgot who my target was. Luckily as my target entered the bathroom I convinced her to let me be the judge of her dresses.

I sat on the couch and talked with HB5 for a while until my target finally emerged in a rather flattering floral-print dress. "Looks good on you." I said and held out my hand, which she grabbed. Kino. "Spin for me." I commanded, and she did. A fairly flawless exchange except I should have stood up for the spin rather than weakly keeping my reclined seat.

As she left back to the bathroom the attention I had been showing to my target must have spiked with the bookish girl, because she immediately said that we should continue talking about this later and asked if I had a Facebook. I bowed down to her request and used her phone to fb-invite myself. I think this has two mistakes embedded in it: first I am letting her lead me in getting the contact info, and secondly I am doing it in way too personal of a form (facebook page). In immediate hindsight I should have smiled and said "Sorry I am not into that geeky stuff; how about you give me your number instead?" I am not sure if I would be negging for too long on my randomly acquired target with this, but I was fairly sure it would generate the right response. Maybe with a real target the line would be good and with her just saying "Nope, but how about you give me your phone number?" would have sufficed perhaps?

I asked where they were sitting and if I could join them. I had fb-closed (new term?) my non-intended target so I had to buy some more time to get somewhere with my real target. I went and sat down on the blankets they had brought and we started to watch the movie positioning myself with the target between me and the bookish girl. In hindsight I should have helped myself to a seat between them so that I could build kino with both and work them against each other.

The movie was good, but not a great setting for advancing my game. First of all both of the girls seemed very "people should shut up when there is a movie" about them, judging by the glares and angry whispers they exchanged when another group was talking. Secondly the movie was about relationships gone horribly wrong and it was thoroughly depressing. Luck of the cards.

I did the best I could making little jokes into my targets ear whenever I thought of something clever enough; always earning smiles and giggling. I tried some Kino by just sitting close enough that my arm brushed up against her thigh, and she didn't back off right away. But I should have escalated the Kino; instead I just dumbly sat squished against her watching the movie until she became uncomfortable enough to pull her legs up into a seating position where I didn't touch her. At least I saw this sign immediately and changed my body position to allow her to shift back. A show of knowledge/respect, I thought, but I just didn't know where to take it.

At the end of the movie I leaned over and told her that it was great meeting her, but I needed to get back to my friends. Early on I held some fantasy about her taking me home, but I had a clearly not gotten that far yet. At the very least I had friended her friend which means.. Yep, time for some fb-networking-game.

So this morning I sent her a friend request (which she quickly accepted). I haven't contacted her yet, just sort of e-stalking her archives. She has plenty of cute friends so even if it doesn't work with her I think I should find plenty of value of this exchange. Her FB lets me know she is 'In a Relationship' and I think I know who, because there is some guy who has about 20 sappy "I love you sooo much." posts on her wall. He is literally just showering her with validation and bowing down out of his alpha position.

So now the next stage comes.. I need to figure out how to FB-game her, how to boyfriend-destroy this guy (I think showing her a little manliness will do the trick), and how to damage control the expectations of her bookish friend.

I feel a little evil right now. I have only been learning "The Game" for several days already my results are already night-and-day different. This is powerful stuff and in a way I feel like it just gets me to the point where I can have the natural conversation I would have anyway pre-PUA journey.

Please post any questions and especially critiques on how I could have done better.