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    xcross20 Guest

    Default Girl that Likes me BUt wont kiss me

    Hey all Im fresh outta high school. My prom date this year was an HB9. beautiful brunette and we had an amazing time at prom. Best night at my life. Now dring the prom i had held hands with her, brushed throuh her hair, she had sat on my lap without me even asking i had so many ioi's. but when it came to the kiss I did mysteries kiss close which is

    would you kiss me? she said idk.. and i leaned in and it didnt go through..

    she ended up telling me she only kisses her boyfriends so what shouldve i done to tackle this??

    btw that was a few months ago. she texted me today saying she misses me and she wants to hangout.

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    Budu Guest

    Default Re: Girl that Likes me BUt wont kiss me

    She answered with an "I don' know" this a surefire in my opinion that she actually would at least kiss you sir. She's just too afraid to admit it to you and herself. Being that you are younger it's still confusing to especially girls around 16-18. I'm older but I def remember. They can be picky about who they are gonna give it to. But they are literally right around the corner from being little hoe's. With exceptions to certain girls.....rarely. But you got the ioi's my dude, you said it yourself.

    Although this could have been a big misunderstanding, you could....have made a quick move. Mystery also has once said that you could respond with "I didn't say you COULD, it just looked like you had something on your mind." or I would have dropped on her "I bet that's why your other "boyfriends" didn't work out." I've done it and it always works like a charm. You don't want there to be a chance for a weird moment, DEFLECT. She was a bad girl, punish her.

    Finally, boom dude! She hit you up. Missing you and Sh1t. Don't waste any time, pull the trigger....again so to speak. Don't rush in or anything, make her work a bit to get you to hang with her since she wants to so bad now. Make it seem like you got some important Sh1t to take care of or are "busy" as we like to say...No matter, if she doesn't put out it's most likely not your fault. And by the way. What actions took place with this seem like your off to a pretty good start with the women. There's plenty more ahead sir.

    Continue to ignite. Best of luck.
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    xcross20 Guest

    Default Re: Girl that Likes me BUt wont kiss me

    right right man. thanks alot let me give a little background to this. Basically if i recall I asked her this on the dance floor actually because i remember i have used the "i didnt say you could" before with another girl. But i believe since it was hard to hear and everything like that i didnt say it my fault.

    On the rushing thing. Man i wish i had the time because I'm famous lately ever since meeting more and more women and having options to put them on hold. but im off to college august 13 so while im here in california im trying to have my last hookups with every girl in my book.

    Thanks alot man I started the whole PUA thing id say in september I recently picked up a 24 year old model from england. Dont know how?!?!?!? but I guess 1 on 1's are my best and what I excel at.

    Ive yet to go up to a group of women cold and picked up. I dont know if I should try tht until my 1 on 1 is perfected.

    Lately I dont know if this is good but I have been getting away from opinion opens more and more. The opinions have worked in the past pretty successfully but I find sometimes situational openers with a smile are pretty good.

    I was actually thinking about this opener tell me what you think to a 9 or 10 that is dressed up really well.

    "Hey I saw you while I was walking by and was thinking to myself, how is a guy suppose to talk to you without being intimidated solely on your looks (I Smile). And then say if you were a guy and saw someone with XYZ on. an a tiffany bracelet, I hope thats tiffany and not tiffony btw (cute neg) what would you say to separate yourself from every other guy shes met."

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    daisy15 Guest

    Default Re: Girl that Likes me BUt wont kiss me

    If a girl likes you and dont kiss you means she is shy and it will take some time for her to reach this stage with you. Don't get upset and give chance to your relation.

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