OK so i told you the other day i fixed a date with a girl i know the other day. Girl i go to uni with, so i put my nice watch on, tasteful purple shirt and some new jeans and casual shoes on. Look swish.

Turn up to meet her and im late play it cool or whatever didnt apologise. Basically she has completely underdressed and tbh has put on weight since i last saw her nearly two months ago! Gone from a 6.5/7 to a 5.5/6, so i wanted an easy practice but i mean come on give me a bit of a challenge. Ive lost like 10 pounds and gained some muscle, had a shave since she last saw me too.

I greet her with a kiss on the cheek and a hug, usually i wudnt of have even touched her to say hello but now im out for action :P Build up the Tension a bit, so basically we're still goin cinema coz i have to drive n i cant drink too much so we book the tickets with 2 hours to kill. Take her to nandos, try to suggest something a bit more interesting a cheap italian restaurant but she admits she reaaallly fancy nandos! Thats fine i make her laugh with a few jokes bout it or whatever.

Sitting in nandos im putting my value out there, telling her about my kickboxing, the run im training for. Talk about how me and a buddy just booked a trip to amsterdam. Listen to her waffle and pretend to be more interested than i am, we finish and i make sure i say when to leave the restaurant. She wants to go to a normal bar but i suggest cocktails We go and have a cocktail im getting close to her and getting a few touches in, no flinching. The bar staff are joking around and i join in and start a convo which i thought was a nice touch.

Time for cinema but i mean yea u guys are right its a shit place to take a date really. Then suddenly we hit trouble, nobody fucking told me inception was gonna make me miss my fucking girlfriend! By the end im just constantly thinking about the lost love of my life im in an awful mood. I dont let it show just to help my practice, bump into my old best mates parents so i look sociable again having a good laugh with them. Walk her to the train i put my arm around after i say a joke and she puts hers round me. Zing! Erm yea but wait for it i just start thinking about my fucking gf again. Close up even tho ive built all this vibe.

Drop her at the station and give her a hug, linger to see if she breaks from the closeness and she doesnt, fixing me with her eyes i tried to give off a bit of sexual tension, whatever i dont kiss her, not nerves not anything i just miss my gf. Awkwardly walk off sayin ill call her. Well at least that went from her not even bothering to dress nice to a close!

Any points or help? Cant go into more detail or itll turn into a novel. Anyone else had absolutely crushing heartbreak and can relate? (basically caused from me going from an alpha don to beta, funny how my gf dumped me a year AFTER i gave up ecstacy not while i was out raving most weekends selling pills to mates)

Got another date monday, even worth me turning up or am i gonna get all missing my gf again? This girls a solid 7 I THINK but purely a facebook pickup i havent seen her for years.