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Thread: internet game

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    Default internet game

    ok well tcomea challenged me to run game on a girl in louisana and i took the challenge to Number Close and go for the meet. This has quite a few techniques and everything didnt run as smooth as i planned but i ran threw the obstacles and ended up number closing successfully!

    Heres the chat:

    crobinson2: hey there Katie Sue! What kind of touble are you causing today?!? Im new to the area!
    KatieSue7: I'm not trouble (= lol
    crobinson2: Thats hard to believe. I have seen you Lousiana girls cause all kinds of trouble!
    crobinson2: lol
    KatieSue7: haha. Well it depends on what girls youre talking about
    crobinson2: oh your not one of those sassy lousiana girls?!?
    KatieSue7: it depends lol
    KatieSue7: piss me off, and im quite a bitch... but otherwise im very nice lol
    crobinson2: hmmm...good mix and sweet and spicy huh? lol
    KatieSue7: lol yup (=
    crobinson2: Ok sassy pants! Im sure there is more to you than a cute smile? whats ur story?
    KatieSue7: lol ummm idk
    KatieSue7: That's kinda what the profile is for right?
    crobinson2: yeah but thats just the surface. saying you dont decieve people and describing yourself. But if your in a room with girls that look just like you, what makes you different
    KatieSue7: hmmm lol
    crobinson2: it would be prettyt shallow to say hi without first reading your profile! lol
    KatieSue7: lol you wouldnt believe the guys that do that haha
    crobinson2: haha yeah im sure you can tell me a few horror stories about the wierd messages you get!
    KatieSue7: lmao yes i could
    KatieSue7: i just woke up from a nap
    KatieSue7: i still haven't even gotten up lol. I just reached over and grabbed the laptop haha
    crobinson2: haha ok wifey. If this txt marriage is going to work. you cant be so lazy pants!
    crobinson2: :P
    KatieSue7: hahaha you are goofy
    crobinson2: I have had a couple of those days! What your evil plan to take over the world tonight?
    KatieSue7: not sure, talking with a few friends and trying to see whats up
    KatieSue7: but pinky... you must be quiet....don't want to get caught (:
    crobinson2: i can be pretty goofy!
    crobinson2: your secret is safe with me!
    crobinson2: woah woah! wait a second. im totally not pinky. I am totally brain in this situation!
    KatieSue7: nope.. i am SOOO brain
    KatieSue7: I'm older (=
    crobinson2: lol woah woah there wifey! ok lets get some boundaries set!
    crobinson2: 1) im brain. Period!
    KatieSue7: im older.. i win
    KatieSue7: thats how Sh1t was decided in my younger days.. and i was the youngest of my siblings so i always lost haha!
    crobinson2: haha ok but your not winning this time cracker pants! Im brain and ur pinky!
    KatieSue7: negative!
    crobinson2: nope. thats the end of it!
    KatieSue7: cracker pants???
    KatieSue7: wtf? hahaha
    crobinson2: i like nick names! u got a problem sugar buns lol
    KatieSue7: haha no problem here (: Im gravy
    KatieSue7: or is it gravey?
    KatieSue7: damn...
    crobinson2: see thats how a marriage works sometimes! you just let the guy win! So im brain muhahaha!
    crobinson2: Dang i wish i could stay in bed and talk but i have to go do some errands. You seem really cool pinky. We should exchange numbers and ill invite you out somenight!
    KatieSue7: ........
    crobinson2: wait ur not one of those girls who is going to stalk me and blow up my phone r u? lol
    KatieSue7: i'm sorry i couldn't read that.. since you called me pinky everything else just kinda blurred
    crobinson2: well yeah ur pinky remember :P
    KatieSue7: what? what are you SAYING
    KatieSue7: I can't read that gibberish
    crobinson2: gibberish? oh now ur messing with me. ok ill write it in proper english!
    crobinson2: Dang, I wish I could stay in bed and talk but I have to go run some errands. You seem like a fun high quality person. We should exchange numbers and Ill invite you out to the club or something else
    crobinson2: fun and social!
    crobinson2: haha
    KatieSue7: We can talk later.. I don't like to make the drive tho. sorry
    KatieSue7: says that in my "first date" part lol
    crobinson2: Date?!? awww ur cute! No being new to the area i wanted to meet some fun people that could show me the ropes!
    crobinson2: Do you have any chill bars or clubs near you?
    KatieSue7: I didnt say DATE
    KatieSue7: I said in the "first date" part of the profile.. It says I dont want to make the drive
    KatieSue7: grrr.. you just belittled me!
    crobinson2: No i was just teasing! I apologize
    crobinson2: I have no problems making a drive to have some fun. We could hang out if you dont embarrass me too much! lol
    KatieSue7: lmao. oh I'd try my hardest (=
    crobinson2: Oh i see how its going to be little miss pretty face! Ur going to embarass me in front of everybody just as a way to show the new guy how things r done huh?
    KatieSue7: of course!
    crobinson2: Come with it! It takes quite a bit to embarrass me!
    KatieSue7: lol im really just kidding
    KatieSue7: chances are you could embarress me quicker
    crobinson2: lol i thought u were bluffing!
    KatieSue7: im quite easy to embarress
    crobinson2: well maybe ill embarass you!
    crobinson2: muhahaha
    KatieSue7: just talking about sex.. or hit on me infront of everyone and ill turn redder than a cherry
    crobinson2: lol oh ill do worse than that. Ill do some live karoke like from Top Gun in front of the club or bar. How would that do!
    KatieSue7: haha sounds like a blast
    KatieSue7: ill just pretend not to know you, some crazy guy is STALKING ME
    crobinson2: Ok stalker face! sounds like a plan. How about next week someday at like 7:02 p.m.
    crobinson2: What's ur number? mine is xxx-xxx-xxxx
    KatieSue7: lol 7.02?
    KatieSue7: I prefer 8:05 to be honest
    KatieSue7: I'm nocturnal
    crobinson2: haha no how about 8:06
    KatieSue7: wtf is your name?
    crobinson2: Im Chris.
    KatieSue7: oh dear...
    KatieSue7: chris.. what's your middle name?
    crobinson2: lol i hate my middle name. Not happene
    KatieSue7: OH COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    KatieSue7: Christopher is my FAVORITE guy name!!!!
    crobinson2: nope. maybe when we hang out and i have a few drinks you can figure it out. But i dont give that stuff up easily
    KatieSue7: you suck TOES
    KatieSue7: Well I decided when I was in 6th grade that I will name my son Christopher Paul... IF i ever have one haha
    crobinson2: Ewww..thats gross. How rude!
    KatieSue7: hahah!!!
    KatieSue7: I say suck toes because I think feet are nasty.. so much worse than "suck balls"
    crobinson2: haha
    KatieSue7: my number is xxx-xxx-xxxx
    crobinson2: ok. well we can hang out only if you promise not to try and get me drunk just to find out my middle name! DEAL?!
    KatieSue7: i can't make any promises
    crobinson2: I got my eye on you sassy pants! No funny business!
    KatieSue7: lmao, well you're buying your own drinks.. how will I get you drunk?
    crobinson2: Yeah but im afraid your going to get one shot thats crazy strong for my middle name! i already have ur plan! Sorry pinky u cant outsmart Brain. lol
    KatieSue7: haha. everclear?
    crobinson2: kk ttyl goof ball. Remember no blowing up my phone. i know u louisana girls! ugh no everclear. i wont take it!
    KatieSue7: p*ssy
    KatieSue7: LMAO just kidding !!!!!!!!
    crobinson2: u know what! suck toes!
    crobinson2: lol
    crobinson2: ttyl
    KatieSue7: later

    ok so thru a few situations i ran into some stuff but just had to keep running solid game to get thru the resistance to get a number close and set up for a meet.

    remember this is for you tcomea. dont challenge me on text game. I hardly ever fail lol

    if you guys want me to describe the techniques im more than welcome. or why i said some of the things i did. ill be more than happy. this is more for an example on how to run proper text game even with a girl i have never met before.
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    Default Re: internet game

    HHAHAHAHAHAH! You got that!

    Very nice Chris. BTW guys I was on the phone with crob at the start of this and it took just under 30 minutes from first message to the date. So very nice job!

    Guys this is why I always revert to crob about text game. He knows what he is talking about. Chris for some of the guys who haven’t been around can you break it down a little bit and share with them how you learned it?

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    crobinson1 is offline PUA Forums Respected Contributor
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    Default Re: internet game

    lol thanks tcomea. yeah guys if you need any kind of help in your text game i am more than welcome to help you. i could have closed this earlier and cut out some convo but i was just having fun. still for a girl i have never met and she can only see what im typing and a picture. i closed her and got a meet up quite effectively. actually i used quite a few techniques and nick names i learned from race de preists very own. b4 u txt her program. along with some of my own personal flare.

    text game is just all about being funny, different, playful and basically breaking the norm of every other AFC out there.
    I live in my reality and you’re a guest

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