So today I am at the bookstore just hanging out, working on stuff on my computer i.e. resume and cover letter stuff and looking for jobs. So as the night progresses I notice a hh9 getting coffee, i subtly check her out. She sits down at one of the tables within close proximity to me. I'm super excited and decide im gona talk to her.
I get up and head to the bathroom first, notice she watches me through my peripheral vision. When I come back from the bathroom I say "hey are u good at english?" She responds with "well kinda " So i say well Im working on my resume over here and need some help. I am a bartender and am writing my cover letter and need help with the proper use of the plural form of a word." so she ends up trying to help me. We end up talkin bout how I'm moving to chicago looking for jobs that way. she used to live there, I comment on the irony of our circumstances lol. We end up talkin bout her and why she moved and what she is doin with life here.
At this point I'm thinkin great, my first successful open-transition-full convo. Then the person she is meeting shows up. A guy. So I tell him hey you should hear this out, ask him my opener try to engage him in convo so he doesnt feel threatened, as I dont know there relationship. Nothing works for him, he is a wall. So I finish the topic with the HB9 and say well thanks for the help.
At this point Im feeling like, awesome I am making some progress. So later I head to the bathroom again and as I come out there she is heading to the bathroom. She bursts out hey I remembered a place we talked about, and gave me the name. We talked shortly and I was like geez I wish I could just bring you with me as a tour guide. we laugh and separated. As I look back i think i shoulda tried for a # close, because i wonder if it was simply irony we were both isolted by the bathrooms or of that was a passive ioi from her.

Well guys what do you think? What could I have done better?