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    Default From intro to lay

    OK here is the complete field report from the time i met here until i seduced her.

    Day 1
    after a long night of arguing with my 2 wings who are in complex relationships we all agreed to go out last minute on a Saturday night to any venue in the downtown area that does not have a cover charge. keep in mind the student life is not easy. so we go to my local start bar where i know a few bar tenders and bouncers. since my social proof is already high and i cant could on my wings. first thing we do is walk in go to my buddy who hooks us up with some stiff drinks and then did a lap around the place. on the patio i spot my buddy with a HB9. i didn't want to inter fear with his game but had to say hi. so i walk up and yell "What is up dude, not gonna introduce your friends?" he sat down and started talking me up like a real wing man while i introduced my 2 friends who were with me. after a few minutes she went to the bathroom allowing my buddy to explain he works with her and that i should take her and show her a good time. so i proceeded after about 15minutes we moved to a different bar and i looked at her and said "since your friends left you and i enjoy female company you should come with us" she happily joined and we moved on. i could have went home with her that night but since my 2 drunk buddies were with me and crashing at my p[lace i had to just number and kiss close.

    Day 2
    we set up a date and i blew it by telling her i couldn't make it

    Day 3
    i made it up to her by making another date. we said i should just come over and cuddle on her couch and watch a movie. once i got there i played with her dogs then started kissing her and after 1 hour had her in the bed. im stopping there but the night was a success.

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    Default Re: From intro to lay

    thats my boy!!!
    I live in my reality and you’re a guest

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