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    Default Epic fail of the night but good day

    So, today i got a # close fairly quick. in under 5 minutes. and it was pretty sweet. we made lots of eye contact and sh!t. but tonight was an epic fail. lol. i was at the bowling alley and i was opening for Ghost riders little brother. these girls were our age, i was going for the oldest one but i look about 10 years older than them... opening wasnt too bad. it was the girls bday and i pretended like i have a cousin her age and i wanted to know what she wanted for her bday so i could get something like that for my cousin. from the moment i walked over the girls gave off The Vibe that they didnt want us over there. ghosts brother comes over and i intro him to the girls and we start talking then i bowl for one of them and fail EPICALLY... we all laughed it off but ghosts little bro and i started feeling like pedophiles cause these girls were incredibly young looking and immature. the older one wanted to keep us around and she and i made plenty of eye contact... but ghost came and saved us and we walked off. the oldest girl kept eyeing ghosts brother and i but we never went back. even tho i did leave my FREE coffee there . what i have learned: stick to older girls, and dont pick up girls at the bowling alley who are with a party or something... im sticking to malls till i get better . tomorrows a new day and i will keep yall posted.

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    Default Re: Epic fail of the night but good day

    dude how old are you? who cares if you are not a pro bowler just have fun, should have made fun of yourself. Just dont be a pedo bear.

    good choice, working the day game will make you grow a lot.

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