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    Default Wat you guys think?

    So me and another aspiring PUA had a couple girls over at his place last night. There was also two guys over as well, but they had be "friend zoned" so the game was clear for me and him. We each took one and started building attraction and rapport. Played little games like "the 4 questions" and "the cube" they loved it! I charged one kiss for each answer, first on the cheek, then aimed to build up to kiss on the lips.

    Unfortunately the "friend zone" guy (one was wasted, and thus outta the game) was cock blocking us, we think unintentionally. Long story short he ends up in bed with both of them. Just sleeping together, not getting any action.

    My friend and I are not tired and to keep up our social value and increase it, at 1:30am we let them know we're leaving and headed out to a club to have some fun. Non-verbally we communicated that they were no longer fun. On top of that, we made all of them latte's and breakfast in the morning and even though we went to bed later we got up before them. Me and my friend had a good night out but i was just wondering what you guys think about our strategy to increase value and lifestyle?


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    Salaami Guest

    Default Re: Wat you guys think?

    If you didn't charge them a kiss for breakfast then you did it wrong, its like jumping through a hoop she didn't make. My biggest thing that I tell myself is rarely if ever should I do something for a girl I am going for without getting something in return.

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