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    Default Rejolting the sexual attraction for Kiss Close

    Ok Guys I was at the club and had this girl really into me. Let me stroke her hair/held hands/brushed boobs/all sorts of ioi. At one point with my eye contact we were creating some sexual Tension until her friend came through blocking because her friend couldnt find a guy. After the friend came the tension was gone. So I have a few questions

    1. With that eye contact and her allowing me to do those things should i have went in for the kiss??

    2. Should I have tried a mystery kiss close or something just to try the kiss (with the sexual tension gone)

    3. Or should I have re-established the attraction by saying something like (dont look at me like that because although we just met people dont look at me like that unless they want to kiss.
    and escalate it and just go in?

    or anything else i shouldve done to reestablish the sexual tension for the kiss

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    Default Re: Rejolting the sexual attraction for Kiss Close

    Oh dude you got put into one of my favorite situations there! One of my favorite things to do with a girl im sarging especially if her friends come try to block is to build an “our universe” type reality with the girl. It’s not easily done but basically its when you keep it going while the friends have no clue what’s going on. So say I Isolate a HB and im working her for the kiss. (BTW to answer that question if you wanted to kiss her and you felt you could have, then you could have and should have) and her friends come to block. Well if I were at a table and not all of me was visible I would continue the Kino in a fashion where her friends couldn’t see it, and she could still enjoy it. Giving her that feeling like she is doing something she shouldn’t be doing, but enjoying every second of it. Im not kidding when I say that I did this one time with a HB at a booth table when her friends came back to the table, I keep up my game. Befriended them, worked the friends had them being cool with me being there and whatnot. All at the same time I have my hand up the back of her friend’s shirt, then down her pants and well you get the point. This is very powerful stuff that will make her bond with you. You are giving her that experience and that’s what its all about. But when all is said and done, don’t talk about it, don’t tell her how naughty it was, just act like it never happened. Give her the ability to deny it, and it will remove her antislut. From there its game on.

    try something like this next time. Dont just go ramming your hand down her pants or something, but maybe tickel the inside of her thigh, have a thumb war under the table, idk anything to keep it going. This will only make the tension higher.

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