Well Hello Gentlemen,

Tonight i went to the local country bar again to witness some topless bull-riding (which i missed anyway), and go sarge. My goal was to Kiss Close a hot girl of at least an 8. I opened sets everywhere! Complete success. One after the other, guys and girls, i literally spent 30 min outta set the entire night. Just had a solid night in general.

One particular set though i thot i'd analyze. This two set of hot blonde girls. They were hilarious, playful, flirty, and dirty! My target was originally this one girl, however i ended up making out with what i thought as the obstacle. Locked in early with the set, pretty much right after opening (10 sec). Started talking, transitioning, building attraction. Negged the obstacle pretty hard actually. Light Kino on the target, and LOTS of it. She kept kinoing me like nuts so i kept vamping it up till i was grabbing her tits and she was howling!

The obstacle surprised me though. We met up again about 10 min after i rolled off set and she was giving me lots of ioi's when i returned. She told me to come outside with them and we chatted it up a bit more. Then went to the dance floor where we grinded on each other a bit. # closed before dancing. After the dance i was headed out. We kissed, then made out. Solid night.
I'll keep ya posted for the FC. By the way, she's 32 has gorgeous tits and was an ex-stripper. Not bad for my first cold approach KC in one night.