ok well this was an ok night. i felt pretty stupid after such a crazy night for my bday and going out the next day. wow i tried taking shots and drinks tonight and my body was not having it. i just kept throwing up and felt like shit.

ok but tonight was pretty good. i had level from this forum come down from denver a sarge for a night. he is pretty new to game and ended up having some fun. tried starting the night with a bombing run and he did well and the girl totally answered about whether she spit or swallow!! lol great btw. but then after being a little warm up i told him to approach a 3 set right outside from the balcony smoking area. walked up with a situational opener and did pretty good. kept good body language engaged the entire group and game like a champ. i was proud. he didnt Number Close immediately but he worked it and got the targets number right before we left and went to a bar. man i thought the bar we were going to was going to be popping for me and my friends birthday. by the time we got there everybody had pretty much almost left and it was dead.

but ok next set. ok so after warming up on a one set at the smoking area and then gaming the 2 set. he went for a 2 set of a birthday girl and another girl. he did pretty good and opened successfully, started kenoing well and then even ran styles five question game. cause the targets friend told him to get her a drink and he flipped it around to get himself a drink. i cant remember if they came back or flacked on the deal. but he was getting plenty of IOIs from his target and she was totally receptive. good job there.

funny thing is he came back to the girl he practiced on and ran style five question game again and then this time he knew to go to the bar with her and get his drink. so me him and the group we had all been talking to came along and went to the bar for a shot. and then we ended up losing her sometime throughout the night.

the final set he did was a one set where he came and sat down started gaming her. i didnt see much cause i could see he was going to game her for a second and i just felt like shit so i just needed to chill for a second. worst part was he came down to sarge and i just couldnt sarge. i felt like total shit after 33 shots and four mix drinks last night. i blacked out big time!

but overall pretty decent night. he number closed the 3 set target right before we left. i thought i almost had to jump in and wing cause the friend started to seem a little mad and was totally about to cockblock him. luckily he got the number and we just bounced.

next night for sarging we are going to game tons of girls and this time im going to try and make sure the people that said they would come wouldnt flake. i had planned on like 10 girls and a couple guys to come along. all of them flacked out!!! ugh.

oh well in the end it was a decent night for his sarging and he def. is going to learn quick.