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    ChronoNY Guest

    Default Blew it last night.

    I was at a starbucks with my one of my close friends and two blonde 8s walk in. Beautiful girls. I notice them and I thought "I can go talk to them... but I wont". So my friend leaves at around 11:30 and I go back inside to pee. I come outside and light up a smoke before I was gonna get in my car, just enjoying the night. The two girls walk outside go to their car, directly in front of me, pull out their own smokes and sit on the curb right near me. I overheard them talking about guys and how much they suck and whatever. It would have been so easy to jump into that conversation and meet these two but instead I lean against the wall and my mind says "Look they're talking about guys, they dont want to deal with another." "Why would they go for you?" "They look too busy in their own conversation". The thing was my body wanted to go talk to them! As soon as they sat down in front of me my heart started racing with Approach Anxiety. As soon as I got in my car to leave, they did too. It's like they WANTED me to talk to them.

    I need Inner game help ASAP. What do you people say to yourselves in these situations?
    I've been out of the game for about 2 years now and I want to get back in but It's hard because I lack the confidence I once had.

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    Default Re: Blew it last night.

    The best inner game product out there is from Christian Hudson and it's called unbreakable.

    Review here: Unbreakable Review
    Product here: Unbreakable

    It is under $50 and it is life changing.

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    Salaami Guest

    Default Re: Blew it last night.

    I learned a while ago that if I take the first step I will take the second and third and fourth. There are probably methods that you can discover (as I'm sure they are different for every person) to make yourself do things.

    After your confidence starts to grow you won't need to urge yourself to do things, you'll just do them because you know everyone will love what you do.

    Also those girls were just asking to be opened, "Hey! Not all guys are bad, whatever though I won't try to convince you, I don't hang out with girls who stereotype guys like that."

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    Default Re: Blew it last night.

    Yeah you did blow it that time. But forget about it. Part of becoming a pua is overcoming you internal fears. One of my favorite quotes of all time is " fear is not a confession of weakness but an opportunity for greatness" that's by John McCain. Point being is that just cause something scares you doesn't mean that you can overcomethat fear and achieve great things. Salami is right you have to take the first step. Nick Sparks say you have to just jump in the pool. Mystery say ignore it and deal with it like a pebble in your shoe.

    Bill is right about unbreakable. It's great, changed my game and the way you thin about things. If you want more help or more input hit me up on PM. Sometimes this stuff takes some one on one.

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