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    Salaami Guest

    Default The Crob and Salaami Day Game Sarging Journal

    So me and Crob went sarging around Denver yesterday and well, we crashed and burned way too much, we decided that obviously we needed to get out and do this much more often.

    For the next few months we are going to be going out sarging once every two weeks and working on different aspects of our game every time. We will be posting field reports here detailing our sticking points, our improvements and our successes.

    Day 1
    We started at the Cherry Creek Mall but saw no talent so we moved to the 16th Street Mall.

    First thing we decided was the we came out on the wrong day, with school starting in a day (two for Crob) there were very few girls.

    Approach 1
    This is supposed to be a warmup, we see an HB7-8 sitting alone at a table and I approach.
    Me: "Hey what's up, I was just wondering if I could get your opinion on something?"
    Her: "Okay sure." (VERY low energy)
    Me: "Okay so I guess I'm just having trouble deciding what to do with my hair, I don't know if I should keep it like it is, cut it shorter, or maybe straighten it and look like Justin Beiber?"
    Her: "Do whatever you want." (Telling me to gtfo)
    Me: "I didn't come here to have you tell me to do whatever I want, I came here to ask for your opinion! Now quit being so grumpy."
    Her: "Well it's your hair."
    Me: "Okay well thanks."

    My body language felt strong, voice well projected, everything was pretty good I thought, figured she was just in a bad mood or something and we started walking again.

    Approach 2
    This is Crob's set and I'll let him talk about it because I was standing around the corner and couldn't see or hear it all.

    Approach 3
    We see two girls walking towards us and we pass them and then decide to go back, I catch up to her pretty fast, she slows down and is now walking side by side with an older couple (40 years old probably). My mind is blank like it usually is when I'm approaching a target and I completely miss the red flag that should have shot up. I tap her on the shoulder and both her and the people next to her turn around also. They turn out to be her parents, I quickly run through my opener (same one as the previous approach) without any suggestive body movement and bail.

    This is probably one of the funniest things that have ever happened to me in pick up, Crob and me were laughing for a while after this.After this we give up on 16th Street and head over to Park Meadows Mall.

    Approach 4
    Going up the escalator and two hb9s hop on behind us, Crob turns around and asks them if he should get blond tips and they give strong opinions but then when we get to the top they start body rocking and say they have to go and hurry off.

    This was probably our coldest approach, pretty brutal.

    After that we pretty much walk around and talk about what was throwing us off for the next hour and then head home.

    Sticking Points
    - Can everything be a sticking point?
    - Our opener wasn't very good we decided, we never caught a hooking point.
    - Warm approaches, although this was probably also just bad luck on the day.

    Improvements (good stuff)
    - Body language was alpha.
    - Able to get ourselves out of sets quickly if we needed to.

    - Nothing this week!

    Goals For Next Time
    - hook.
    - Create more warm approaches.
    - 5 number closes at least.

    Crob, since you are a forum mod I'm sure you can just edit this post and add in stuff you want to, when you do, delete this.

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    charisma187 Guest

    Default Re: The Crob and Salaami Day Game Sarging Journal

    i think that they dont seem engaged enough because its about YOUR hair and they dont know you yet.
    so rather go with an opinion opener about something general, i developed this one when i was in stores like zara, juicy know girl shops

    I go up to a set and say "hey ive been arguing about this with my friend all day, and we decided its up to a woman to settle it. Ok so i think that white belts go better with dark jeans, and hes arguing that he would rather wear a black belt what do you think?

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    Default Re: The Crob and Salaami Day Game Sarging Journal

    lol actually for some reason i cannot edit this post. but yeah my 3 set of a HB8 and two hb6-7. we wanted to start the day warming up with some indirect and opinionated and yeah i think we may have just tried the wrong one.

    but my three set, i approach them and just get them to stop and then i also do a hair opener.
    Me: hey, can i ask you guys for a girls quick opinion?
    Them: sure
    me: ok well i was wondering what i should do with my hair. i was thinking something crazy and out there like blonde tips
    them: (laugh) oh no. thats a horrible idea. (i was most engaging my target the hot babe eight but tried engaging the entire group.
    hb6: oh hell no. you would look like your from jersey shore.
    me: haha well i mean i could always make it worse and wear my sunglasses inside and have blonde tips
    them: no you look really cute and it seems like you have it going pretty good.
    me: so do you guys go to college around here. im here to this area. i came from down south.
    hb8: well i go to metro and both of them go to CU.
    me: thats awesome. yeah i actually just transferred to mines.
    them: haha
    me: yeah im one of those brains! lol
    them: lol well you dont seem like it

    after that it was pretty much down hill. i felt good with the openers and saw two of the girls brush there hair and i got them to stop but i started to feel like they were going to leave any second so i tried body rocking and then reengaging but then they just started to walk. so i just called it quicks and said see you guys around. i felt like i did decent but i dont go out for too much day game. im a usual night game guy. so i think this will be good. and being in denver there are plenty of colleges around here and college girls. even if i dont approach for anything i might do it just to build my social circle. i am trying to be the complete alpha of my campus and then transition into other campuses. so right now im starting by first being alpha of my house and roommates and then im have a couple kappa sig brothers i know and there inviting me to a frat party here this weekend. this should be a good moment to connect with this kappa sig brothers and gain connections and be a bridge to other groups. so for now im looking to just completly become the alpha of my campus and start into the best social circle there is. the greeks.

    by merging the idea of conquer your campus, with my PUA skills, with practicing day game and then all these other things. i should have a good balance of a fun, dominant leader among the college campuses near by and my own
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