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    GrAfiX Guest

    Default PUA advice and report...

    So I'm new here and looking for some advice from the masters as I'm in a situation over my head.. Which isn't a bad thing.
    I live in the NYC area
    I'm not a PUA but I get my pull
    I'm 35 and average age I get right now is 22-30, attract younger girls as I have a baby face.
    I've studied lots of forums in the past but just haven't been active this is my first post here.
    My goal is to walk me through a situation which is a little sureal right now.

    So now to the story names have been omitted for haters out there.

    Friday night I was hangin with some friends, and about 10:30 they were heading to a party but I had some different plans, didn't really want to hang with the same people needed something new for a change.... So when I got back from NYC went to a Strip Club in Jersey...

    I have been to many clubs in the past and have always had fun, but this time I went solo for the first time ever. I came in the club about 11:30 or so and I was haning out turning down lots of dancers took a lap dance, threw some bills on stage. Then sat next to these two russian girls not really even paying attention to them. The one girl caught my eye early on even before I approached, she was a hot russian with hair like Mia from pulp fiction only lighter hair, anway when I started convo about 2 seconds in to the conversation we both dipped in and bam almost lip to lip and baning heads, we both laughed and I said geez I don't even know your name and your already trying to kiss me... blah blah we had some good chit chat for about 10 minutes and I asked her if she wanted to dance we were both joking laughing and having a good time. She gave me a great fun lap dance and we were both still just joking and having fun with it. Anyway we were walking out of the area still chit chatting and I walked her right over to VIP. She gave me an awesome lap dance very seductive eyes never left mine the whole time as mine were locked on hers most time.

    After this we hung out the whole night when parting ways we always locked eyes from across the room. She never gave any other guys a dance that night always coming back to me and had a couple more dances from her... Then I just ask her if she wants to come sit with me. She agreed, we shot the shit about some of the other girls, and come to find out her room mates which also work there come to find out 6 of them but didn't find that out yet. So we were still chatting the whole night, the other girls were haning out too, she kept telling all the things I wanted to hear (but not usual Stripper talk). This whole time she always had her hands on me holding and stroking my hands like I was here witha GF or something and from this point on never left my side. During this time she gave me an amazing massage for nothing in return cept a little game. About an hour of sitting and both throwing money at the girls on stage she is saying something about "contact" I thought she was talking about her eyes or mine and I couldn't understand her (remember heavy russian accent). Finally she says Facebook... I'm like yeah, but I don't like to get a bunch of girls on it so I kind of blew her off a little. Then out of the blue she is like "want my number". This is where I go into uncharted territory but well know as well with girls at clubs just usually I'm the one asking. I said sure and gave her a bill, she goes up to the bar writes her number on it comes back, I look yup number(score) then I put it in a safe spot where I wouldn't toss on stage. We had a couple more dances some I didn't have to throw down any cash she pushed it back to me.

    So any rate were hanging out till about 3:30am the club closes at 4 and she's like aww I wish I could take you home. We talked earlier about where she lives and all the norm chit chat and I asked her how she got home... She said driver... I jokingly said I could be your driver she thought about it, her room mate swoops in and they talk some russian (which was totally hot btw)... Anyway she pouts and declines saying the driver wouldn't allow it. I was like no biggie I understand... At this point I was going to get out while the getting was good and was like I'm tired and I gotta be up early so I'm gonna head out... She begs to me to stay and says they are closing are soon, of course I did, think I should have probably left after the fact to leave that sense of loss with her (fark up #1). However I stayed had another lap dance and great time over all. All night after bumping into each other literally we danced with no other women.

    So I leave she pecks my lips hugs and leaves actually a little abruptly which was odd but still winked and said to call her. So I take off. Here's where my boat sinks... I get home and look at the conquest bill and I can't read her hand writing, It's very curly and hard to read, I make out the first 7 numbers just fine but the last 3 could go about any way... It sinks in that shit this is a stripper not a girl at the club, having lots of remorse for not looking closer in the club (fark up #2). LOL The way she acted though seemed very genuine and she was not typical dancer and seemed very new almost.

    Here's where I may have made fark up #3.... I am not going to make it back there for a while with Memorial day weekend and I'm going away for a couple weeks.... So I'm perplexed and I was like well shit I'll stop by and just see only stay for a few and jet. I get there of course she's not working but her roomate is there and instantly bubbled up and we talked she said she wasn't working tonight. We talked for a while she told me that her room mate really liked me and had fun etc... We part ways and another girl from the night before says she wasn't here and find out this is room mate #3 and they actually have 6 girls that all work here and all room together (russian mafia? LOL). 4 of the 6 room mates are working I'm hanging out in the same corner as the night before and although these girls were working the floor always had one of them by my side and this other girl working asked if I was the girls manager. I didn't spend a ton this night got some lap dances from the room mates but nothing as intimate as the one. I stay for a few hours having a good time talking to all these girls. Oh the 1 room mate I actually didn't meet the night before came up to me very hot and heavy wanting me to dance, I asked if she was one of the room mates she said yeah (I recognized the name). She then asked my name I said Mike... She is ohhhhh I've heard about you last night. I was like all bad probably we joked around about it she also said her room mate had fun. After this these girls were all very close friend like the few hours I was there. When I was leaving I asked the first room mate and good friend if she would give her a note... I wrote around a bill, "Hey sorry I missed you tonight... I couldn't read your # so here's mine xxx-xxx-xxxx. Mike". I also told the roomie, I'd be working a lot and am going out of town for a couple weeks and to have her call me. The room mate gave me a kiss a big hug and I left.
    I know mistakes were made, but fish out of water as I'm used to strippers that mostly want money and are fake.. These girls were all generally genuine, and didn't beg me to dance with them etc... I threw them some cash when dancing etc but nothing big... The first night I threw down only $240 most of that on the VIP which you pay to the house not the girl. Second night was only a benji.. Nothing for the great time I had, hell I spend that if I go to a football game.

    So tear me apart... But here's my questions for the pro's....

    My current plan is on going back and if I do it will be at least 3-4 weeks down the road but I want to ask some questions for seasoned vets. Also will probably try a few number combo's and hope I get lucky.

    1. Decipher the bill and call blindly potentially a few 100 numbers.. LOL
    2. I could potentially go back Thursday a night she is working I preety much know this is a don't but I'll put the question out there. I actually already feel desperate for going back the second night (Remember mistake #3) but I did tell her I might be back Saturday.
    3. She has my number and will call if she is interested?? (if the roomie didn't get the bill mixed up or something should have used paper LOL)
    4. Go back in like a month and maybe respark?
    5. Or these are strippers I got played?
    6. I blew my chance?

    Phew if you read all this I commend you... BTW if anyone wants to decipher the bill I could post a pic, Only way I could read the first 6 are because I know area codes and exchanges around here so I don't think it's on purpose... LOL

    Oh I'd say this girl is a Solid 9... 8 on looks 10 on personality.

    Any advice or help would be awesome. If you have questions ask away.
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    Default Re: PUA advice and report...

    you payed for her you are pretty screwed. to be able to game strippers no money should change hands.

    Btw it seems you like stds, letting just any Stripper kiss you and shit is not my idea of being sanitary.

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    GrAfiX Guest

    Default Re: PUA advice and report...

    This is the response I expected but anyway... And I agree, I didn't go there to PU any girls. I went for something different and fun no strings. She obviously didn't make nearly the money she could have made that night.

    BTW this place isn't a sleazy nor cheap... She wasn't jamming her tongue down my throat either.

    Plus this is NY/NJ we all kiss on the cheek and if know each other or close peck on lips even if just friends. You wouldn't get it unless you lived here, it took me a while to get used to people you just introduced too pecking on the cheek.
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