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    xtremeillusia Guest

    Default played the Game after sometime

    hey guys I need an answer to this one...there is this chick I used to date like 3 years tell you the truth she dumped me cuz I was a total AFC. I was too needy and clingy. and (WE DIDN'T DATE FOR LONG...ONLY FOR A WEEK..SO SHE DOESN'T KNOW ME MUCH AS A PERSON..).. Recently about a week ago she called me and she seemed very friendly. I met her and I played "the game" on her. I'm still not sure how she took it...
    my question is.. is it ok to play the game at someone you ALREADY know..? like I did in this situation? or was it a major mistake from my end?

    P.s - I did the normal routine...negging, DHVs, etc etc
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