Hey there, so i've just joined and would really appreciate help.

I came out of a long term relationship toward end of last year. Took a while but got back into gaming girls and slowly picked up confidence. I think i'm in an alright space but there's still tons to be learned and perfected.

My mission right now is this girl who is EXACTLY the type of girl i'm into... Everything attracts me to her and i know it's mutual as she beat me to kc on our first proper night out.

Snag comes in with me not thinking she's 100% over her ex, and i picked it up first date and negged her on it a little. Her situation was pretty much same as me, hectic relationship, they broke up in feb... BLAH BLAH BLAH!!

So the entire story...
Met her, and tried to set up a date next day but she was busy... We set up for the following friday(as she lives EFFING far during the week) but she flaked. Sms'd a bit after that and then she went quiet. For almost a month didn't speak to her properly. Eventually got her on Fb and she told me now we could spk because she's really bad with phones - Awesome negging material. So we got back to talking and met up, was great coz she came to a mates braai and it was pretty busy but my mates and i stood out as the ''life of the party'' in her eyes. That was the night she kc me.
We went to a movie the next night but was very chilled and nothing happened as i may have been g@y that evening and she had to travel all the way back.

We made plans to go party by her that Thursday as she'd told us how awesome it was blah blah blah... I didn't spk to her till the Wed and asked what's up and for directions. She sent a message back saying she doesn't wanna lead me on to thinking she wants anything serious or maybe even at all right now. My reply was very easy going saying I didn't mean to give off feelings that i wanted her to get into anything serious, but that i understood like i told her first date that I knew she's not over the ex.

Anyways went there that thursday and had a rocking night with my mates. We got there an hour before her and were having an awesome time talking to people, i was winging for my mates and it was great... Then she got there, we talked a little met her mates and carried on partying. We made out all during that night while continuing to be the life of the party. While we were there i had her one guy friend approach me and politely tell me if i hurt her i'll lose my knee caps, and seeing it was her best mate i tactfully told him he's got nothing to worry bout and smartly left out the 'threaten me again and sh!t's gonna get real'. When we were leaving she was sad and i told her we'll make plans for the weekend... She said she's back sat but we both had plans sat night. I told her we could maybe do something saturday earlyish or sunday... Now's where i think i kinda effed up. I told her to let me know.
Sat came and she sms'd me at around 6 saying 'hope you having an awesome night'. I replied saying 'yeah njoy urs too and my plans got for tomoro canceled so let me know if u keen to do anything?' OH YEAH - She also tried to explain she's over her ex the Thursday night i saw her.

As she generally does she didn't reply. I sent her a joking sms around 6 last night and got no reply. I haven't spoken to her today and don't plan on until she does...

Now is where i really need ur guys help...
1. Even though she doesn't seam over the ex she says things that show she wants a relationship with me(I'm not even thinking close to relationship yet).
2. How long should i wait for her to reply, i don't want her losing interest as i only get the weekends to see her and we both pretty busy. The interest is what i want kept going the most, coz i know when i'm with her i can re-light any lost(I'm really bad with txting and blogs as u may have noticed)
3. I got this BAD BAD!! habit of not being able to leave things. If she doesn't reply i usually end up being weak and smsing her within a day bout something different as i don't wanna seam desperate by asking why she doesn't reply, bla bla bla. Has anyone got that problem and how do you refrain from smsing them??

Sorry bout the essay but this is the first girl i've picked up using my newly found skills that has me wanting to chase her and actually enjoying her more than just physically, so wanna make it work.
Thanks a ton guys i'll really appreciate any advice!!