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    Default monday night (my first report)

    Yesterday I got out with a couple friends,we went to a well know bar.
    Inside the bar there wasn't many (or any) single girls,so I got a drink and chatted a bit with the people that was in the table (didn't have the guts to open some girls on the table : [ ) and went with a friend to the street (there are many other bars and clubs in that region).I opened almost every group over there but my friend would just be by my side staring what I was doing (he sometimes wouldn't say nothing at all!!!).
    After that we went to another bar and stayed in the entrance of it.I met a college HB9-10 there and was able to establish a cool conversation for about 5 min (after that she went to another bar,I think I farked up by not asking her number and etc).Few seconds latter a college dude started talking with me and few minutes latter asked my phone so as to me and his friends hang out someday.
    We got back to the first bar and there I opened some more groups.
    I opened almost every group with a situational (I asked where one near not very well know bar was) and others I opened by introducing myself and blah blah blah.The ones I opened with the situational,I'd only make a transition if the response was "energetic".
    That was basically my monday night.Didn't get any female phone number (another dude (an old friend this time) also asked for my number with the same purpose - just male numbers...) and didn't made out with anyone despite being buff,well dressed and a bit alpha (I think).
    I got a good response from my target on almost every group I opened,but her friends would always cockblock me (the target's friends would pull her out for example (it happened two or three times)).
    Approaching was not difficult but keeping a "cool conversation" and avoiding the target's friends to cockblock me was a pain in the ass.
    I don't give that much attention to the target's friends,is that my problem (I think so)?
    Ah...and by reading that,what are the major points I must emphasize?
    If you need or want more detail,just ask for it.
    Thanks in advance!

    Ps: sorry for my farked up english... : ]

    Edit: a friend just told me a story about a girl who'd handjob him but wouldn't take her pants off.What should someone do in that situation? oO
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