OK none of u mother fuckers criticised my last field report, but ive got an extra special week coming up... Freshers week!!! First time of 4 goes that ill be single, would love to meet a really nice fresher (or 5) but my game still feels weak and i bumped into my ex's mum today which was fucking gut wrenchingly awful considering its my ex's 21st tomorrow too.

Anyway its pretty much guarenteed i will be going out at least 5 nights of 7, i will post the details on here as soon as i have internet in my house in manchester. No internet all week after tomorrow will also help me go out, no? I will be drunk though... ill try not to get stoned as well. If everyones drinking pints of beer ill get a bottle and nurse it for as long as people dont notice.

I will always have 100% hygiene, my watch and necklace and hopefully some peacocking items when appropriate which i dont actually own yet. If its ever fancy dress whats the best costumes to do?

Also i think i lack fun stories/questions to ask them, ill dhv spike at random i have no set stories but just talk about stuff if that doesnt work ill sort some dhv stories.

Like what sort of fun games can you play with them e.g 'what do u want to be when u grow up, dont say princess'. except not as worn out and cliched as this one.

So im basically all set! Was hoping to meet some pua's off here before this week but meh you all suck