alright guys. heres another milf. she has two kids around 10 and i closed her while she was working at quiznos. been slowly working game and then hit this conversation to switch to sexual escalation and start into moving sexually with her. and im sum what tired so yes some of the text game is weak but also i knew it would work out cause of the frame i built with her.

Me: Hey goof ball.'
Her: What up hottie
Me: Awww..stop it your making me blush!! im just at home doing homework
Her: Lame. Why at home. Should have come in to toodys.
Her: We just closed. i have plans tonight. but maybe tomorrow night. U Bave plans?
Me: Well i would come see you and then we could hang out after but im an hour away
Her: We just closed. i have plans tonight. but maybe tomorrow night. U Bave plans?
Me: Nope. No plans! you want to hang out?!?
Her:Yes i do. what do u wanna do.
Me: Lets do it!...hang out i mean not sex. Lol im down for a chill night cause im too broke for going out.
Her: OK, but u sure u dont want to "do it" lol! jk. u wanna come hang at mi casa or ur casa?
Me: oh gosh naughty pants!! Idk if i trust you. we are going to need a pillow wall while hanging out cause im worried for my safety. lets do ur casa!
Her: Pillow wall it is. we ca just cuddle! lol!
Me: LOL we can try that if you earn my trust. IM worried for my safety!! We could always have a fun chill night of pizza liquor and movies
Her:Worried for ur safety? Im confused. do u think im gonna mnhandle u?
Me: Of course im totally worried. Idk what ur capable of naughtys pants!

So i think it did pretty decent for being all tired and shit. I definitely got into sexual escalation! so its time just to throw some hard game. its wierd cause she started dating some guy and there in a relationship together and she hasnt given me a single piece of resistance. i think she sees me to be more fun and more alpha and is probably going to drop him. but i guess we will see.