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    Default work girl pickup and failure --- please break it down for me

    Ok I am going to tell you what recently happened to me regarding a pickup at work. I have changed the names and locations a bit to protect identity haha (better be safe). This just happened to me recently.

    Ok, so female begins working with me at my company (I am in mid 20s, shes early 20s). This was earlier in summer. I introduce myself..etc etc..She has a bf at the time. A month later, she breaks up (it was a very short term relationship she had). So I start getting to know her even better, we start to hang out a lot, pretty much every lunch every day. I get her number, and we are hitting it off, even people in office are starting to talk.

    Soon after, I invite her to a friends party, she says ya, but tells me day of the party she can only stay for an hour or two, because she has to go to meet up with her friends after. I tell myself..ok....We have fun at the party, but when i realize now, i didn't try to escalate things...the sexual Tension and stuff. Anyways, as the summer is coming to a close, I am getting more nervous, because I am not sure if i should make a move yet or not. So before shes done, I ask her (through a text -- ya punch me --- because i was at another office during that day) if she wants to go to a sporting event with me in a few weeks (maybe i shouldnt ask for dates weeks in advance...she always tells me shes busy..and she was..or so i believed).

    So that day comes, and we finally go to the sporting event etc, go to dinner and then little coffee after and we part ways...i completely failed. Worse the following weekend, she invites me to a party, and i go and that night i let my feelings known to her (while we were both half drunk) and she tells me she wants to be friends and that she's been sleeping with her ex.....gunshot to the heart.

    So here i am now, vigorously studying PUA and joining this wonderful forum to sharpen my game and not have this mess up again. From studying I know the basic stuff i did wrong, so feel free to yell at me. Analyzing everything, i realized i had cocky and funny, attraction technique and teasing, but i did not be consistent with it. I always went back to nice and friendly mode. Which i think messed me up.

    So my question is, how would you guys have gone about this whole situation. Would you have been more aggressive while she was at work or when she first came to the party i invited her? What else would you have done? Please help me out, so i can study this and not make the same damn mistake next time.

    I am also working on my nice guy attitude, that part of me is officially dead after i landed in the friend zone. Also is there anyway possible out of that friend zone again? I would like to rise from the dead.

    Thank you and sorry for the big letter


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    Default Re: work girl pickup and failure --- please break it down for me

    Well its clear you will if you haven’t already land in the friends zone with this chick. Reason being is very simple. You built comfort but you didn’t build attraction. You have to have both. If you don’t know about attraction circuits search them on this forum. I know they have been discussed.

    Also let me express to you that you don’t over do the head knowledge. Reason being is that if you learn too much to fast and don’t practice you will be too much in your own head to accomplish anything. This is never a good thing and takes longer to fix, so chill a bit.

    If you are trying to get beyond the nice guy thing may I also suggest to you that you pick up Carlos Xuma’s bad boy formula. It’s a great program that will change the way you look at and think about things. Carlos Xuma | Bad Boy Formula here is the link.

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