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    $avelli Guest

    Default Re: Did i get friendzoned?

    thanks guns im tryin that when i see her next or should i do it by text?

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    Default Re: Did i get friendzoned?

    Quote Originally Posted by $avelli View Post
    thanks guns im tryin that when i see her next or should i do it by text?
    Either works, but I usually use it as a txting routine. The reason is because when you are with her, you can usually find something context specific to talk about, and you can be more edgy because you can read her reactions better.

    The above routine is great for txting because it requires no setup or any context, and it doesn't require that she respond right away. If she takes awhile (within reason), the effect really isn't lost.

    I often start the text conversation with something like:
    "I need to ask you a really important question..."

    This will peak her curiosity and will also allow you to gauge her interest be seeing how long it takes her to respond (and also if she changes the topic or seems really happy to answer the unknown question.)

    When she responds you ask her a silly question, where she is almost bound to disagree with you. In the above example I mentioned pizza. I asked the girl if she liked veggy pizza with extra pineapple. That happens to be something I am extremely fond of, but most people don't like. If she would have agreed, that's fine. I have her talking and we can talk about other little things until she either does legitimately have a different opinion on something, or a make up some fake thing to start the routine.

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    $avelli Guest

    Default Re: Did i get friendzoned?

    alright, going for it now ill keep you guys updated

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    $avelli Guest

    Default Re: Did i get friendzoned?

    Me: i have a really important question to ask you...
    her: go for it
    Me: what do you like on pizzas? (its important
    her: umm mushrooms
    me: mushrooms gross this isnt going to work im getting a divorce
    her: hahahaha your retarded :P <3
    me: ill keep the dog you keep the tax forms sound good?
    her: surr, but im keeping the house too :P
    me: i was more thinking we should sell the house and ill give you 100$ and keep the rest, your going to spend it all on whores anyways

    shes not giving reay big answers then again shes in class i shouldve picked a better time probly

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    $avelli Guest

    Default Re: Did i get friendzoned?

    Me: so ur not gonna miss me too much?
    her: nope, not at all
    Me: actually i was thinking make up sex but thats out since you saw me with the maid.....
    her: actually, i forgot to tell you, i killed her with an axe, shes in the basement if you still want to eat her out

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    $avelli Guest

    Default Re: Did i get friendzoned?

    ya too long to Write the rest but she says she was jealous of the maid and stuff she never aknowledged the sex part just kept it in the breakup game :S

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