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Thread: searging

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    Mr.seattle Guest

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    Hey guys I went out searging 4 the first time in forever lastnight.It was real slow n not that many girls in the bar.I opened my first target with a wild but true story that went down at my work..she replied with mild intrest...looking back on it I wish I negged her..i contiued making small talk n cracked jokes about how god must have it out 4 the cowbows..after talking to her n befrending the othe her guys hitting on her I opened up this HB7...I was very silly n made her laugh alot...her body language opened up 2 me n I senced I reachead the hook point....again looking back on it I wish I negged her 4 not introducing me to her friends..after i felt i spent enough time in the comfort building phase i asked 4 n got her digits...i made a little bit more small talk to ensure comfort then taked to a 3 set to remain talkative.fastfoward n went back to my origional this point many guys were hitting on her.instead of talking 2 her i again befrended the dudes hitting on her then made small talk with her.once I left again she kept glancing at me n smiling...i senced it was n and asked 4 her digits and she obliged.all that was foward to today n both agreed to meet up with me later in the guys r the fuckin best n i more then welcome all ur advice.. Happy tle

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    pdiddy Guest

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    Looking for a wingman or to wing someone. Hit me up if interested.


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