Mainly thoughts to help myself but might as well post them, just got back from a night out. Been really annoyed at my progress so tried taking myself out my comfort zone tonight by going to a proper 'jock' sort of night.

3 of us, me whos very good theory bad aa though, one guy whose good with not having aa but theory sucks and just has such a far to high energy, and the other just early days on both but decent looking.

Before the club, opened quite well, opened badly a bargirl, 2 hot girls on the bus opened me but my cocky wing just completely blocked me out of the set Opened like 3 sets of girls in the queue and 2 sets of lads. Get inside and its just sooo noisy and it really threw me just cudnt get any sets to stick well whatsoever, poor excuse tho opened a few sets badly, tried some direct openers and they just absolutely bombed just cant get them to work sound so AFC. The overactive one k closed a girl, then she just comes up to me being far to close and ioi'ing me and asking for my name, gutted coz i cant take my wings girl even tho hed blatantly do me over.

Points to remember:

Open as many sets as possible as early as possible, when the musics thumping and the drinks are flowing its sooo much harder.
Make sure wings do their job properly and know their stuff otherwise theyre pretty useless, good that the overactive one opened by far the most sets but bad his energy he was giving off.
Figure out a way for direct openers to sound better...

Draque x