So I have been listening to Approaching Confidence for the past two days, and it says everytime you listen to it you'll get a little better. So i listened to it in bed last night and on my way to school today (had a ride i cant drive so wasn't meditating while driving lol) So then I who never talked to anyone pretty much had a conversation with one woman (41 years old wouldn't pursue) but used it as practice and we had a great conversation had her laughing, it was great.

But after class I had Comp-Sci club and theirs this new girl, who is really beautiful about a 6 i'd say. And took like fifteen minutes to get up the courage but usually i'd just give up before I tried but I introduced myself shook her hand talked for a bit walked a way for a minute came back over as we talked put my hand on her shoulder she was fine with it we were laughing, etc it went great she added me to facebook.

Then before that yesterday my sister has a friend, who i'd say is an 8 posted a facebook status, so I responded with a neg and she and I went back and fourth and she mentioned she was watching my vlog. This threw me for a second all I could think about was "wow hot girl watching my vlog" but again I responded with "oh well now your screwed, you're going to be so into the vlog your not sleeping at all tonight. Though just thinking should of said "well if you wanna talk to the real thing i'm here" but anyway she responded with "yeah I noticed already on my 3rd 4th one. So then that was it I went to bed. Then the next day I wrote "hey how'd sleeping through your first class go?" cause she said the night before because she was watching my vlog she was going to be up and be tired for class. That got no response but still I got further than i usually do.