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    biggun Guest

    Default probably a lot of mistakes here. need advice, dont be gentle

    So me and my boy, we'll call him A, are chillin at my place puttin back a few, and my boy D comes over with this HB9 (think i'm using the proper "vernacular" haha) that my boy M used to date. and well she's a little crazy when she drinks, she's prescribed vikiden and is now addicted i believe. so we're chillin and M comes over. HB9 having previously said she was fine with it. and to make a long story short the night ends with her having a breakdown pretty much after she told him she still had feelings for him. so anyways, after she leaves she sent me a txt apalogizing about her behavior and she doesn't want me to think less of her. and my phone being the POS it is didnt send my reply, which i thought was pretty good, and i didnt know it so i was a little put off when she didnt reply. so i realized this wednesday night and hit her up on the facebook. o by the way, i got booby touch that night.
    so this is the FB convo we had. i know the first message is weaker than my baby sister but i was stoned outa my mind when i sent it.

    ME:hey i just cleaned out my texts and noticed none of my texts got sent to u and i didint want u to think i was ignoring thursday and be mad at me
    HB(:no lol i didn't think you were ignoring me... i seen that i had a missed call from ya but i didn't know what was goin on so i didn't call ya back. sorrrrryyyy :/. we need to hangout soon tho! get aholda me cuz ill be stayin at eastlawn arms for a lil while.. few days or so cuz my gma didn't want me bein at her house for me reason.... so. it's boring as fuck here ahaha im gonna be in town with nothin to doooo. boo .
    ME:yeah i'll hit u up. how long u stayin there for?
    HB9:idk, prolly for a while lol. im sick of livin across from my dad, he's sucha prick... so i prolly won't be goin anywhere for a week or two. get aholda me :], but really mike i am sorry for alla that cryin bullshit, i was a lil drunk. i don't even really remember what i said to matt except that i loved him... bahahaha. mistake. biggest regret ever, i can tell ya that much right now. i don't even know what got into me. i don't feel that way twords him anymore... all id want from him is a friendship. but yeah im sorry lol that shit won't ever happen again, i promise. i feel like an r-tard. :P
    ME:youre not an "r-tard",lol. that shit happens to everybody. but its good you're over him, now you can move on to better fish in this sea called life.

    i know that its not much for nearly 3 days but she's never on FB really, and i'm not that much myself

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    biggun Guest

    Default Re: probably a lot of mistakes here. need advice, dont be gentle

    so i figured i should add that D didn't then and doesn't now, have any intention of farking her.

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    Raven Guest

    Default Re: probably a lot of mistakes here. need advice, dont be gentle

    I actually don't think it was that bad. She's obviously emotional and sensitive, so cocky would not be the prescription for this. Maybe some more funny, but all in all, you're still winning.


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