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    Default sarge at the mall

    hello puas this is my post i was at the mall so i saw a HB8 i began to follow her till she stopped on the bookstore i looked at her and then i oppenned
    kami-have you ever read this book-grabbing a random bookin the espiritual shelf
    hb8-no i havent
    kami- do you like that sort of a thjing
    hb8- yeah i love it im a witch
    kami- really you are a witch so what kind of magic do you do? those to find a boyfriend?
    hb8-nooo,i dont do that
    kami- im actually a psykick(i dont know how to write this word i meant fortuneteller sort of thing)
    hb8- really?
    kami-yeah i can totally tell what your thinking
    numbers rotine i got it right the seven then i threw the hammer routine whitch is exactly the same as numbers but instead of asking for a number you ask for a tool.
    hb8-looking at me like uau
    then we talked a lot about religion untill i say
    kami-you have an very expresive face
    eyebrows routine
    then she notice some action on the topfloor
    hb8-what is happening there??
    kami- i dont know lets go find out-grab her by the hand and we go
    kami-what is happening here?
    girls-oh theres an autograph session it is some guy
    hb8-oh i know him he wrote that book
    kami-i dont know him lets go
    we go downstairs
    kami-you would say your friends are mostly boys or girls?
    hb8-mostly boys i dont trust women
    kami- with me is the other way around i dont trust men once a friend of mine hook up with a girl i liked
    hb8-yeah that happens with girlas a lot-then went on
    kami-oh its so funny your nose wrinkles when you talk
    hb8-yeah i look like a rabbit its so ugly its like im gonna talk with my ahnd on my face
    kami-i found it cute
    kami- do you like chocolate?
    hb8-no i hate it
    kami- oh you are so weird
    hb8- i am
    i asked that cause i wanted to throw the kc routine but then she said no so i didnt know what to do
    then she began to talk about her birthday later i said
    kami- i have to go now may i say goodbye
    hb8-lookin at me like wtf only in my way
    so i kissed her on the cheek and eject

    what did i do wrong we had a very good conversation althougt she was always distant from me i dont know why she reffused my kiss?i didnt got her phone cause i didnt want to i really wanted to kc only but i think it doesnt usually happen in day game right?

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    Raven Guest

    Default Re: sarge at the mall

    Firstly, great job at first man. You did well. Where you went wrong was at the chocolate part. You tried to KC way too early, you did not sufficiently build rapport. It seems like not escalating properly is the hardest part of The Game, I struggle with it too at times.


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