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    PUAPanther Guest

    Default 1st Field Rapport

    So, I went to a party yesterday and I'd say I learned quite a lot during the night. Although I ended up getting too fucking drunk to have a regular conversation, I think the first half of the party, during the time I wasn't quite drunk, went pretty good (PUA-wise). Used that cocky/funny and non-neediness and the results were actually pretty fucking surprising!

    Lol, my buddy tried to pick-up this HB6,5, and I knew that, but no matter how much I tried to push that bitch away from me, she just kept coming back. It's like she was attracted to me not wanting her to be all over me! I liked that, even though my friend ended up (like, indirectly) giving me hints to not ruin it for him (which wasn't even my intention).
    I remember this incident (prior to me knowing that my bud was trying to lay the HB6,5). Here's how it went:

    HHB6,5*: People tell us we look alike, like we're sisters or something!
    Me: Well, you do have very similar eyes (as I say this, both girls - HHB6,5 and AHB6,5** - touch their hair and give me those puppy-eyes. Lol, kind of weird actually, as if I pushed some magic button..), but you (grabs HHB6,5) are like a head shorter than your friend. You're like a midget (Push-pull)!
    *Both girls start laughing and HHB6,5 playfully punches my shoulder (ioi)*

    I found that by having a generally fun and playful attitude, I could make particular moments extremely powerful by being serious about it. Like the thing with the girls' eyes.

    The other half of the night is pretty blurry to me, but I don't remember doing any game. Still considering it a good party though. Got to use some drunken PUA-stuff in-field (which a lot of those "PC-PUA's" don't) and made a bunch of new friends.

    Btw, I'm new to this forum soo, hey.

    Lesson learned:
    Don't get too drunk.

    * HHB6,5 = his HB6,5. HB6-face and HB7-body.
    ** AHB6,5 = another HB6,5.

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    Raven Guest

    Default Re: 1st Field Rapport

    Haha meng, stick with one number and fly with it. No 6,5's or 5,6,7's. Just go with the lowest number. Also, I'm glad someone mentioned the lesson you learned. Drunkeness is not only an enemy of the liver and many other things, but the enemy of sarging. Many pro-PUA's never drink or drink very little while sarging.

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    Gaara Guest

    Default Re: 1st Field Rapport

    Hey panther! nice field report man and yeah like Raven said try to display with a solid number and for the getting to drunk? i managed to get a strippers facebook but...forgot her name when i got home to look her up x( so drink in moderation mate and keep up the good work!

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    Default Re: 1st Field Rapport

    Alcohol is one of those things that some guys do and some don’t. Just DO NOT use it as a wa to get over nerves or aa.
    Other than that nice job. Just remember that when you use cocky funny you do have to give some rapport back to them at some point otherwise it will blow out.

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    PUAPanther Guest

    Default Re: 1st Field Rapport

    Thanks for the replies.
    I've for sure learned my lesson on alcohol. It made me unable to continue gaming through the night, because I simply got too fucking drunk to do anything. The fact that I got good results gaming sober shows, how being sober works in my advantage.
    So, no drunk-gaming.


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