Hi all

I'm new to this site and am based in England.

I thought I'd share my most recent experience with you and get some feedback.

There's a girl I've known through Facebook for quite a while now. I met her once through a friend, at a bar, and ended up getting drunk with her and kissing. I invited her back to mine half seriously, to which she responded 'I'm not going to sleep with you' (straight on the defensive). I made a joke about this and we went our separate ways.

I thought nothing else of it (plenty more fish in the sea, etc.) until she messaged me out of the blue on Facebook about two weeks ago with the standard 'hey, I'm out on Sat, it would be nice to see you'. Through a friend I understood she had said she thought I was hot and so on. Anyway, I went out, met her, and managed to put on an excellent show. I negged her, made it look like I was merely being friendly, and even made a joke out of her coming back to mine ("but I'm not sleeping with you"). I got her back to mine and the good work continued (listening to music, looking at my books, drinking).

Anyway, she then came out with "so what's your 'number'?". I asked her hers, and she replied '4'. She said she believed you should like someone before sleeping with them. For some unbelievably stupid reason I blurted out my number '50' and then let slip the longest relationship I had had until now was 4 months. She seemed a little taken aback and left around 1 hour afterwards.

My thoughts are:

- all went well
- she was trying to see if I was a nice guy/potential partner by checking out my background
- I arsed it all up by coming across as a sex-crazed pervert who is shy of commitment

I'm not an expert so would be very interested to hear your thoughts on this. Needless to say, she barely speaks to me now and even sent me a message saying:


Between B1 and You

ME 04 December at 12:03
hey, how are you? have you got any plans tonight? x

HER 04 December at 20:40 Report
hey , had fun the other night as friends, im sorry im not interested in you in any other way, sorry i didn't message you sooner just been very busy x

ME 04 December at 21:13
hey, i had fun the other night too, in all honesty i'm only looking to be friends, sorry if i came across differently - i'm not used to people showing an interest in north korea or laughing at my jokes about jade goody. i probably wouldn't admit to having slept with 50 people if i was up to anything else x

HER 04 December at 21:15 Report
thats really good to hear and yes your quotes are hilarious! x

ME 04 December at 21:23
thank you. it's nice to hear my material is appreciated. well if we can be friends, i'm happy. and ps, your little morph isn't as good as chas, the evil white one.

Any thoughts much appreciated. And nice to meet you in advance!