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Thread: club pick up

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    chulin Guest

    Default club pick up

    greetings fellow pua's n pua's in the makin

    dis my report for fri nite at a club
    my bro n his sister n i were dancing [thought it mite give us social value n makes us look like we fun] ma bro pulled a thick colombian girl to start dancin wit us. we all took turns on bein in the middle of the circle n showin off watever moves. she was really chill dancing and smiling n all. then later she starts grindin on me n pulls me to dis column to keep dancing on me. after grindin for while..
    clombian girl: come wit me i have to go to the bathroom
    [i figured dis was a compliance test] i agreed but when she came out
    chulin: now u have to wait for me n made her wait a lil longer for me. i come out n some dude started was tryina game her i just put ma arm out so she can hold it n walked away. she wanted to start dancin again
    chulin: we been dancing for a while im a lil tired a man i need a few mins to recharge [smile] lets go outside where its more quite so we can talk
    cg: okay lets go
    chulin: ima get ma coat
    we walkin to go outside
    chulin: ooo i love dis song lets have dis 1 dance then well go outside
    cg: ok
    [i did dis just make her jump a hoop n to c how much she was willing to go wit wat i say]
    we dance for a couple of mins n told ok her lets go
    cg: [sits down on dis square thing] u dont smoke rite cus i hate ppl who smoke
    chulin: no i dont smoke ..i dont like dat either
    cg: starts fluffin bout where we live where we from other venues n "if i come here often" so i cut her off
    chulin: i notice u wear ur ring on ur finger ring [i grab her hand] says something bout who u r
    cg: wat does it say
    chulin: ran the routine n told she gets attached sentimentally n is a passionate girl
    cg: smiles n agrees wit me
    i point out the fact dat i wear mine on the middle finger
    chulin: it means im a party animal n i love to have fun ..ur mom wouldnt approve of me started escalatin kino
    her phone rings n start talkin so i walked away n pulled out ma phone to txt ma friend im outside talkin to girl n ill go inside in a few ..then a guy approaches her [he was smokin a cig so i thought dat killeds his chance] so i sat on the hood of a car wit a cocky smile like the guy was a joke n it wasnt sum dat faced me n then i saw her brush him off
    cg: come here
    chulin: guys seem to try to pick u up all the time ..did this 1 have any game [i did dis to reinforce the fact dat i was diff from those dudes]
    cg: o no we danced b4 inside but he plays too many games ..i like u to b urself
    chulin: i agree wit u ..u must always b urself tell me wat makes [name] u ..wat u have goin on
    i wasnt satisfied wit her answer cus she fluffed instead of qualifyin herself
    chulin: i think i can get more bout who u r wit a lil game ..have u played the cube b4
    cg: no wat is it?
    chulin: based on a few questions ill know about ur personality and who u r
    i ran the routine n xplained wat all meant she kept smilin n laughin n givin me deeper info
    chulin: the horse is the man in ur life ..but ima need more time to figure it out ill tell u next time we talk
    cg: is dat it? i want to kno wat the horse means
    chulin: ok so how do we go bout finishin dis convo [i wanted her to suugest the phone number]
    cg: smoke signals ..cmon man
    chulin: ok pull out ur phone take my number down
    i give it to her n told her to txt me so i kno its her
    she gives me a missed call so i call her back ..shes like wtf n doesnt pick up. i let it go to her voicemail so it records wat we say so dat when she listens to it shell remember the time she was wit me n Anchor positive feelings even tho im not wit her
    cg: ok but u havent told me ur name
    chulin: save it as chulin the cute ecuadorian guy u have a crush on
    cg: [laughs] ok i saved u on ma phone as chulin xxx [name of club]

    i told her ill call her n we went back inside [lookin back it ..i built comfort n kino ..i should of kiss closed]

    nevertheless it was good practice n another learnin xperience
    if u guys have any comments or suggestions on how i ran my game wit her [good n bad] n how i handled the other guys tryin to pick her up ..please do comment im always tryin to gain more knowledge n better myself
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