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    biggun Guest

    Default unexpected numba close

    so i had a pretty good night last night. me and my boy went and picked up some captain and absolute to go to this girl he's tryin to hook up with's apartment, and when we get there she had another girl with her that she just met. and after avoiding her attack dog(i aint jokin this thing almost got me) we made it to her room. well we chillin and chattin and listening to some tunes when she says she's got a "kinda boyfriend" so i got more interested, cause well i took it that she aint tryin to stay with him. so we all keep talkin and bout an our into she walks by me and does a small double take. she then says, and i quote "i'm sorry, i just had an urge to sit in your lap. it looks so comfy". and i replied, well i can't remember exactly what i said but somethin along the lines of go ahead i aint against that. so her kinda boyfriend came to pick her up and he came in and we start talkin and catchin up. oh i forgot to mention her boyfriends a dude i aint chilled with in like 2 years. so we're talkin and i mention that my pops just stopped slangin dro and she's like you can get weed? give me your numer and i put it in as BIGMIKE. so she leaves and we're chillin and finish our fifths and go back to his place.and she texts me, i cant remember exactly what it said cause my drunk ass deleted it, but it ended with dont respond to this. and later she txts me to see if her and her boyfriend can come over with a :/ at the end. i had to refuse her though cause my boy was pukin his guts out.
    so i'm wondering what my next step should be. all advice is welcome

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    Salaami Guest

    Default Re: unexpected numba close

    Man, basic PUA stuff is to not jump through hoops, sounded like you jumped through her hoops all night. The correct response to her asking if she can sit in your lap (or her asking you for almost any favor, or to do anything) is "what do I get?"

    But you did still get her number, so your goal now is to get with her. Start by not texting her very often, let her text you most of the time, show a bit of interest but not much, never talk about her boyfriend, if she brings him up ignore it and change the subject. What you want to happen is for you two to hang out sometime, and for shit to "just happen" because if you pressure her at all about her boyfriend she will react poorly.

    Now when you finally do hang out with her, the trick is to initiate just a little bit, and then let her take a little bit of control. Phrases like "I don't know if we should do this." Are excellent for you to say. Also, if she says something like this, she isn't saying stop, it's really just her trying to justify that she is about to go down on you.


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