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    sexypitts Guest

    Default The 8 week experiment

    Hey yall, this being my first post I will go into some detail about me, what type of person I am, what my goals are and my experiment im going to do starting new years eve.

    I live in Atlantic Canada, and we as a culture are blessed with some spectacular looking woman for the population size. Now about me, I consider myself above average looking as girls have opened me because of my looks, and my lady friends really dont know why I never have a GF. I have never had luck with picking up, kinda went through a breaking point because I was actually considering going to Montreal to hook up with some escorts for the weekend to boost my self esteem. But I realise this will most likely solve nothing and I would be back to square one.

    My experience with woman:
    Total num of girls I slept with-3

    My first real experience with a girl was when I was 16, she had way more experience but was still a virgin ( so she says). Made out and played sticky finger for about a month then broke up

    Had some other gfs through out high school but never advanced sexually untill my senior year, lost my virginity to her and we dated for 3 years cause I was a p*ssy lol. Broke up, kissed some other girls but never really anything else. About 6 months later I was working at a grocery store and I always noticed the front desk girl who would give out memberships and sh1t. So one day me and my fellow employee's were stocking shelves and talking about this girl. This was at the end of the night and she was about to leave so I said " fark it" and walked over there, introduced myself, talked for a bit and got her number. This was my first experience with really picking up a girl, I was amazed at how easy it could be. We dated had sex and all that good stuff but she turned out to be a crazy bitch so I dumped her. Great I thought now back to the drawing board. That halloween I went to my buddies party where I met this slutty cowgirl and ended up having a One Night Stand with her. I have no game so I dident know what to do with all her f ing txts and phone calls. That was two years ago and I havnt got laid since, lots of close calls with cougars, but i was just too much of a puss to close the deal. Even Had a threesome opportunity handed to me on a silver platter by two bi women, threw no fault of my own My d1cks foreskin was all farked up and I had to get a circumcision so I couldnt do it unless I wanted to bleed everywhere lol. So here I am, desperate times call for desperate measures.

    The material I have read and am going to impliment:
    The game ( of course) for inspiration
    Double your dating because I am naturaly funny and sum what cocky
    body languange for dummies, man its all starting to make sence now lol
    and at the half way point at 4 weeks im going to read ( again) revelation by mystery and his team. This book seems pretty advanced so i am going to get my feet wet first

    The plan:
    I am a welder for the Ironworkers Union, and I have to go back to school for my last block jan 4th, 8 weeks off, no work, perfect opportunity. My friend is having a huge new years eve bash in halifax nova scotia, tons of women invited, so im going to debute my new self then. And from then on its going out everyday of the week till my course is over, malls, grocery stores, book stores for day game. Clubs and bars at night, the rules I am giving myself are, no getting sh1tfaced, that means no more then 4 beer before leaving for a club( I live right downtown convienently ) And no hard liqour once I get there, just light beer.

    my goals and what i expect:
    My goal is just to have fun and get some much needed experience with woman, not really looking for a girlfriend just want to get this under my belt. I expect the first week is going to be hard and a HUGE learning curve, but after that I think I will have some relatively good success with getting numbers and dates. I will be going out by myself because all my friends are either too p*ssy, or their game is f ing retarded and douchbag like.

    Anyways I will be posting my experiences over the next couple weeks, advice and input is greatly apprieciated.
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    Salaami Guest

    Default Re: The 8 week experiment

    Advice is just to be friendly, be confident, and talk to every single girl you can possibly talk to.

    Nothing to lose from approaching every hot girl you see.

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    sexypitts Guest

    Default Re: The 8 week experiment

    Well this is my game plan so far, walk in with confidence but not just walking in with a huge smile on my face. Just walk in calm with confidence, stand tall and proud. First girl that makes eye contact with me and holds it, I walk over to and hold my eye contact ( my friend in vancouver does this and it seems to make a huge impact and says a lot to a girl) open her, built rapport then break it by saying you will catch her later and go grab a beer at the bar ( try to go the a bar table with a cute girl beside so I can open her). open girls make conversation with lots of ppl including the men ( need something to do between sarges) And go back around the bar sum time later to go back and talk to the girls you opened. This is just a vague idea of what my game plan is

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    sexypitts Guest

    Default Re: The 8 week experiment

    Alright first field report, NYE party I attended. Pretty much had the night fucked from the get go. Drank way to much to say the least. Party was going good, chatted up some of the ladies. Later on in the evening I polished off my quart of vodka and for some reason I thought it would be a great idea to neg all the girls at the party. Well from what I remember the girls were not impressed by my antics lol. Definitily offended some, for example there was this model who attended the party. Here name was Isabella so like the charmer I am, I said sumthing along the lines of, " I think I need some more Isabelle in my life". As I said I grabbed her had and did this ghey twirly dance move. She laughed, but then said my name is IsabellA, not Isabelle. " well sorrrrryy" I sarcasticly said, " its pretty much the same shit". I thought I was doing good to get her name close considering the booze I consumed. Anyways went downhill from there and she was not having it.

    So lesson learnt: Like I said I wasn't going to do, I broke one of my important rules regarding this little experiment. DONT GET DRUNK. Anyways, monday is a fresh week and the begining of my trade block. I will have a monday report soon enought.


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    Cota Guest

    Default Re: The 8 week experiment

    After many years observing natural alpha males I came to the important conclusion that they have rules, external (made up by themselves) and internal (ones that they are not aware of), and the NEVER break them, so once you make up a rule stick to it whatever it takes.

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    Default Re: The 8 week experiment

    This seems like an awesome game plan.
    -introduce yourself to everyone. Especially bartenders or bouncers.
    -don't walk right in to a room. Pause and observe in the doorway for a while so people notice your presence.
    -always move slowly, it shows that you are confident and alpha.

    Good luck on your journey

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    Default Re: The 8 week experiment

    yeah, these experiments are cool. keep us posted!
    i did one of my own, 100chicks ~5days... I'll post it up. its from Sept2009

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