I like hairdressers. I like hot hairdressers. I like them touching me and running their hands over me and as I am a sort of tough guy, they like doing my hair cos it is a part of grooming that I pay alot of attention to. They like it that this masculine type man knows how to look after his hair.

Once I am their customer they all tell me that I am a different sort of customer that they cross boundaries with and enjoy the rapport and relationship.

I finished with a babe a while ago and after over a year I have found the babe who has the right to play with my hair. Whilst I was running initial game on her I could see that she likes me and I could also see that she has strong opinions. Maybe a bit too independent for me and on todays appointment I was ready to pull out and say not for me....

But we got this wave motion going with our conversations and she was breathing right into my face and letting me knpw some very personal things about her. She told me her best friend is a bloke but they dont sleep together and that she has no intention of ever having sex with him. It was amazing listening to a babe talk about her handbag, it was like she has disempowered him.

I like her yet I dont have the infatuation I had for the other one that over 5 years I made some royal screw ups. Man, I learnt from that one and the best thing was that when it was over and she got engaged after I didnt get together with her despite breaking her and her sweetheart up.... man that was some adventure I built out of getting my hair cut.

I have a new hairdresser gal now and this one is already single