2 exciting nights with endless epiphanies.

The 1st nights started off with me being extremely excited to venture into the nightgaming scene. Something much of game is more calibrated towards IMO. Alright, let's get right down to it.

Beliefs about night game
HBs go to clubs to get laid.

Night 1

Emotional State: Excited
Goal: Have fun, get number closes
Venues: LKF 7-eleven, Azure, Pi

Outside 7-eleven
This place is the sh1t. Hot chicks outside the place, hot chicks walking up and down to other places.

I open a few sets here but they all go nowhere. Intuitively, either I came across too strong (i.e., are you from Korea, I said it loudly or perhaps it was rapport seeking) or it came across as ingenuous. I thought they were ingenuous since openers like "Are you from Shanghai?" came from a desire to game them not from a deep curiosity. Perhaps that connects with the vibe that I gave off.

However, I did approach them at an awkward location right when they were about to turn down the road, but it was not crowded. So many questions!!! W/e the field is KING, I'll get'em answered through more field time.

My wing opened a 2 set, I entered later on with low energy in order to not scare them. I immediately, without introducing myself to both of them started talking to my wing's obstacle. I was gaming her, but I was not interested in her (I should really stop gaming girls I have no interest in). Talked about some random sh1t, did some stupid reaction seeking stuff (Oh, you look like you're from Korea), getting into my head, Number Close. bye bye!


Crush opened a 3-set, I immediately grab on of those chicks so that he can get it on with his target. I do this w/o looking at the chicks to see which one is hotter...Btw, I think the girl I grab is cute, say Hi, introduce myself, spin her around and around...Haha ran out of things to say. Try to dance, all 3 of us (3 girls, 3 guys) are on the patio. Talk some stuff getting to know her better, talk about her career "event management" something that I am very interested in myself, qualify her for that. I claw her in occasionally, absolutely no resistance.

Get into my head once more, introduce the cube, felt weird since I dislike saying sh1t that isn't "me" but it's a good filler. Anyhow, ends up she has a bf. Which I was confused about given that she didn't resist my touching and I sensed that she was ready to be kissed, and I was also wondering whether it's a sh1t test...

Or quite possibly misinterpreted her wanting to be kissed given that I thought her pursing her lips meant she wanted to be kissed.

Regardless her bf came in and I left after a while...

End up groping her drunk friend who ended up going to the washroom. This is the confusing part, when her drunk friend said that she'll go to the WC all of the girls left with her and ended up dancing inside. I am still confused by why they did this

Anyhow, I went in and opened some more, simply with "Are you from india?" which got the guys in their group to stare at me when they were far from the girls and I just randomly went to people to say hi and opened guys proving to myself the club environment isn't really hostile.

Night 2

Emotional State: Less excited, aa (used redbull to try and raise my state which backfired cause I felt weird after drinking it)
Goal: Have fun, get number closes, K-close
Venues: LKF 7-eleven, Azure

Still suck at opening, maybe b/c I have a belief that they won't hook

Anyhow, my friend opens a 2-set I enter say hi to both briefly and immediately talk to one HB. She works for an Airline company. I talk to her, alternating b/w being in my head and being in the moment. I inadvertently tell her that she is stuck up. A neg, she's like wtf, I'm taken a bit back by what I said, I said it quite spontaneously, but I plow through and she agrees that she is. Palm read, also at the spur of the moment, she doesn't seem nervous or seem to resist me touching her hand. She asks me where my other friends are I turn her around and point to them. I inadvertently DHV myself, but carry on doing so even though I realize that I'm doing it.

I'm getting away from all this trying to impress others BS (well it works but, it's not really like me to impress others with DHVs) , I'll be myself and she'll be impressed eventually.

I tell her that's she's interesting and that I'd like her #, she smiles and says "What?", I am taken aback and backtrack 'What's the best way to contact you?", she says "It's ok you can have my number". I ask her to send me a text message as my phone is dead, she asks me what my telecom channel is. It's not the same as hers so it's not free to sms each other. Btw, then her friend looks as me weird and says they have to go, I don't know whether it is b/c I didn't really talk to her or b/c my wing did something that lost her interest...

Btw, sms'd her later, but she doesn't seem to answer me if I reply to her reply, maybe its b/c she doesn't want to pay for the sms, or maybe the interaction which I considered solid wasn't really solid. I asked her out but she said she has to work late and go to a farewell party for her friend this Saturday. W/e, I'll contact her next week.


Enter Azure, there are 8 of us. Crush tells me to approach a girl and tell her "I would like taller children, my name is TheApostle" I do so, she smiles and I see her friend introduce myself to her as well. fark I see infinite possibilities I can fark taller chicks soon.

I think what Crush tried to show me was what you open with doesn't matter, but what I got off of the funny openers was that you have be interesting in order to hook them. Feel free to correct me here buddy.

Alright, I'll cut it short to 2 sets that I opened.

I see this cute HB, I am even more attracted to her since I saw her looking at me occasionally at the lobby. I see her at the patio and I grab her, "Are you russian?" this came from a deep curiosity within me, I just wanted to know who she was. "No I'm from France", run out very shortly of things to say she goes back to make a phone call. I do not know what to do, should I approach her at the back or should I forget about her. In my moments of indecision she returns, I grab, "My name is TheApostle" What's yours?, "My name is Matilda I'm leaving HK tonight", now I'm back in my head, it seems like she wants to leave but isn't really leaving. I'm back in my head and she leaves..

This is the first time I've had this burning desire to stop a girl at a club and did it.

Another set, 1 woman, old but good to check things out, we talk after I open my tapping on her shoulder. She's here to meet new friends...we dance, asks me where my friends are I point randomly (this is interesting, they don't pursue to ask me to prove it or introduce them to her) we dance I run out of things to say I pull her in by her waist. She resists, within a few seconds, I react albeit for 3 seconds, I try to hide my emotions but its too late. She walks away as though she has seen a ghost.


When I was reactive to her rejection her view of me changed. I've read a lot about this but it's different experiencing it first hand

When she walked away I scanned the room, fark, it seems that a few girls were acknowledging what just happened. I thought I was farked and I felt my state shift to the negative.

I should've simply smiled and said fark THAT time to have more fun, rather than looking around to see and assume another person's viewpoint. Or my perception of how they viewed me.

Now the confusion lies in whether she was no longer attracted to me because I showed too much intent or b/c I reacted to her rejection of dancing closer.

The rest of the night went sh1t b/c I let it and was stuck in my head. Furthemore, it seems that the sets that I opened randomly saying "Hi, my name is TheApostle, what's yours?" kind of sucked when I reopened them. Probably due to me not spending much time building comfort with them early on.