This is the night to make all men jealous. And I didn't even know what I was doing. This happened before I joined this group.

It was my second week in LA. My friend Gio (super-natural) has a bunch of friends who are big time out here. Club owners, event producers, production managers, and radio hosts. It was his friends Dave's BDay. Dave is a production manager that knows everyone and everything in hollywood. So you can imagine that it was going to be a big party.

The night started at the "Rainbow bar and grill" on sunset blvd. Known for best steak and lobster. There must have been 40 people there just for Dave's Birthday. This was the pre-party. Nothing special happened there except meeting tons of playmates and ton's of restaurant owners. I sit down at the giant table with 20+ people on it and I'm across of this tiny hot blonde. HB9 or 10 depending on your taste. Totally cute and had to say something. I ask her name and what she does for living. She tells me her name is Sunny and she's an actress. I'm thinking the whole starving I want to be an actress routine. As most hot girls out here are in the dirt poor I want to be an actress Mindset.

Dave had been introducing me as this big time investment banker from wall street so I had some serious credibility. And if he didn't do that these people wouldn't even look at me. It's all about who you know and what you can for people out here.

After 30 minutes at the Rainbow room we make our way out of there and we run into Jack Nicholson. Say hello, talk for 5 min and then he bolted, there was a super crowd after 30 seconds as you can imagine would happen.

We then walked to the Key Club. One of Hollywoods hottest party spots. I get shoveled into the line of our party and walk right past the line around the building. Get my stamp and bracelet(for VIP tables that apparently we had). I see Sunny right in front of me and figured I could play this super new yorker. Everyone else seemed to love it when I turned my accent up a notch. I grab her hand and bring her to the dance floor, Steel Panther was playing and the crowd was getting wild. I told her I couldn't hear her and pull her to the side away from the speakers. I still couldn't hear her that well but all of a sudden she starts to lead me away to the upstairs. We actually sat on the stairs to the upstairs vip room. Just talked and rubbed each other for a good 10 minutes. Then I got ballsy. Not meaning I escalated, meaning I tried to get into the upstairs vip room knowing no one. (that was not where my party was, mine was downstairs up against the wall) The bouncer saw our bracelets and let us right in. I couldn't believe it worked. Sunny was wearing this short black dress, the blonde hair let down and just enough make-up. We walked into the VIP room which is actually made up of 4 different mini-rooms. You can imagine me, Sunny and Isolation. Yes! high-five, anyone. 30 minutes later we return.

I walk down stairs with her and she tells me she has to go the bathroom, that was the last I saw of her that night. I move to where my buddy gio is in the vip section next to Brian Olea, playboys host on sirius xm. This guy is with 6 playmates, and a bunch of playboys bartenders. All smoking hot. Even the bartenders. I start hitting on the closest one to me, Nicole M-------th. The lead bartender at the mansion. She introduces me to the rest of the playmates. Within minutes the party gets turned up a notch. The girls start lifting each others shirts and licking each others nipples. Two bombshells in front of me, blonde with big tits, a tight waste, and the slutyest dress you could imagine and brunette with B cup tits and the sickest body you've ever seen, never saw them before but they're with brian so they're def playmates. They even lifted my shirt up and the blonde started to take pics of me flexing. The brunette started to give me a belly rub. Which gave me an instant hard on. I mean c'mon guys, you would too. Girls are licking each other and rubbn ya belly. You're going to pop a woody.

As I push past the guy who just climbed over me, (attention chode), I stand next to the brunette up on the wrap around black leather couch. The spilled grey goose on floor made my shoes so sticky I could barely lift my foot off the leather. I tried to go for a triple kiss but the blonde blew me off like the fat chick at the end of bar. The brunette was kinder, peck on the lips turned into a full blown makeout. That's when Gio ruined the set. He grabbed me from the floor,(mind you im standing on a couch) and pulled me over the arm of the couch screaming, "why are you drinking, you have to drive". I tried to explain that it was monster and I was sober. He replied, "I don't care you're driving, you can't drink, are you stupid". Apparently gio never heard of monster energy drink and when his friend sal, the owner of happy endings bar and grill grabbed him. He calmed down. Eventually he apologized for doing that. But that set was pretty much ruined. No way to come back from that.

So we leave and head to happy endings. I never got the girls names but when sal asked me what happened with that girl upstairs, I didn't hesitate to give the details. Yes I kiss and tell. That's when he dropped the bomb on me. "That was Sunny Lane... the pornstar..., She came here with Mike Jay" holy shit, no way. I had never heard of her before, i was just excited that I banged a pornstar. The next day when I had internet i looked her up online. There she was. Sunny Lane Pornstar.

The day after that, I found pics of the night out, with me in them, and labels of "who is that kid" and "who knows the guy in the red shirt"

This was my second week in LA and only one other "DAY" topped it. Yes a DAY actually topped it.

****Because I was asked this a lot, Yes I have done Straight Porn and Worked as a Male Stripper***This was the lifestyle i lived while in LA****back on Long Island Now****