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    Default Over Impressed the Obstacle! Over Ignored the target!

    This is my first post so be kind!
    I approached a 3 set at a club on the weekend. This was my first time using game techniques in the field. I negged the HB target, "your dress is really nice, *pause* my mum has the same one" lame, but that won some attention. Then I went on to win the AMOG through suck up techniques and also the ugly friend (she wasn't that ugly but standing next to the goddess that was HB welll...) The problem was that I wasn't sure how much to push HB away and how much to draw her in and I was unsure at what stage she deserved some attention? I think if we look at this in terms of cat and string theory I was holding the string too high for too long. After negging and ignoring what is a good way to start to open the HB?

    This is where sh1t gets funny.........

    I was following game rule in my head but I wasn't reading the situation very well with my heart; I had over sarged the obstacle. She was into me, which in retrospect I could have used to my advantage (not too sure how?). I knew the next step was to isolate HB* so I asked if She wanted to come with me, I wanted to show her something (Was going to isolate, dhv) I think my problem was I hadn't demonstrated enough higher value as it was to her. I had entertained the group, won the AMOG and unfortunately won the obstacle but I had pushed her away too much, hadn't made a connection with her personally (Apart from the neg). So when I offered her an escape in order to isolate her answer was , "what do you want to show me (GOOD ANSWERS FOR THIS ANYONE??) then ultimately a, "No". THE EMBARRASSING THING WAS HB turned to her friend, who apparently I was 'into' ('coz i was flirting with her blablabla) and said (I'm guessing), "This guy just asked me to go with him!!".
    Now look this makes me look like a d1ck because I had been showing no interest in HB. I spent time hitting on obstacle impressing AMOG so when I suddenly tried to isolate HB it was a big WTF moment for everyone. Coz my behavior wasn't matching my actions.

    I thought I was dead to be honest. My heart was threatening to explode on me. I was expecting the obstacle to pour her drink on my head. I was about to be another weirdo. Ultimately I still did end up being abit of a weirdo to them, but before a drink was poured on my head I turned to the obstacle and said,
    "I was going to take her aside to ask her (HB) for your number, I was just too shy to ask you personally I'm sorry."
    What the fark! I'm such a d1ck! What a lame lie (maybe it's not a lie just saving your ass?) Does becoming a PUA always involve this much of being a jerk?? She took my number and was happy, but sh1t that was a close one

    Haha well maybe if I had played my cards right I wouldn't have had to have been a jerk. And if I played them right I would have had HB instead of the obstacle.

    -When is it good to pay attention to the HB? After how much neg-lect??
    -How much should you win the group over, I mean you don't want the ugly ones to fall in love with you (or even worse think you're in love with them!!)

    *I think alot of PUAs make the mistake of running game route without reading the situation with their hearts or feelings and assessing the best approach to take. They say their lines like a robot but as soon as the game changes they are stuck (like when you tell a robot to do a new task it's not programmed too.). We should all strive *i think* to become more fluid PUAs that can adapt to the game and the situation more quickly as it changes around us.
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