Hey guys, PapaWolf Again.

This night started out great and actually ended even better. Meet up at my wings house for a little pregame fun and laughter. After our group of about 6 showed up we went to go pick up one more in the pack. Now we've filled up two cars and arrive at Sugar. I went throught some openers with a friend and was really excited for him to try them out. So this night I was going to be a super-wing. No problem for me, I love doing it.

First few interactions went well, no blow outs but some controversy because we have a lot of new members to the pack and sometimes they become orbiters and don't know it. Newly named, "She will be mine" killed it. Open after open, he seduced and destroyed.

First set, 3 set. Hooks immediately. Only problem was that the friends were as interested in conversation as Van Damme is interested in staying off Coke. SWBM was fine, but wing after wing had to help. Dancing, pulling, iso, we tried it all. After 20 minutes he called it quits and moved on. But Total props for him in that set because he ran it like a pro, got a makeout 20 minutes in door of the club, first set first success.

I got separated from him and started to wing and open myself.

The first set I open in an older woman with a 7 face but a smokin body. She kept asking how old I was and I kept ignoring it. Giving answers like 14 and 52. Jokes following accordingly. Then she kept asking how old I thought she was. Every time i replied, "I don't give a fuck", I don't care, your hot", "old enough to take home" or some permutation of the three. 15 minutes I said ok, time to fuck. So I start to plant a pull. Asking some logistical questions like "how did you get here?" and "who are you with?" All is great and when I said, lets go to your car, we stepped out. In the breeze way of Sugar Old Guy cockblock comes out and screams, "hey were are you going your my ride home" Dressed in a black suit, this man stood 5'5" with white hair and wrinkled skin. This guy was a huge cockblock. I tried to dismiss him but he persisted and she went back inside. Not a big loss, night was still young at 1am. And I've only been there for an hour.

I proceeded to wing and dance and have fun. So the next hour was just winging and tom-foolary.

Second pull came late at night. Outside with Neil, Girls are leaving and apparently I made a very good impression because one of the girls I was talking to wing, very early in the night stopped me and 5 minutes later I said I'm going home with you and left. I get in the car with her 3 friends and start going at it immediately. Before her friends could start the car I had my hand down her black leggings and put her hand down my pants. Then I made a regretful question. "So where are we going?" Ozone Park, her friend exclaimed. And I said, "Queens?" with my eyebrows raised as high as they could go.
Oh hell no, i live in the middle of suffolk county that's easily over an hour away and i'll have to get a friend to pick me up in the morning. Shit! (looking back I should have just gone, and said fuck it, deal with that problem the next day). So I had them drive me back to Sugar and drop me off at the door.

Third pull scared the shit out of me. Fabs was in set and needed a wing once again, Guy tore up that night, make-out after make-out with fucking hot ass women. The girl I grabbed look remarkably like Snooki. Complete with orange skin, huge tits and ass, and hair flipped over her forehead(BTW i hate that look, just let your hair down). So what scared me? She bit my lip hard enough to make me bend my knees, hurt like hell. No, don't do that. But super-wing was there and I stayed and just pulled away and hopefully she wouldn't bite anymore. Then I looked over and saw SWBM killing it. So I decided to double-pull. I ask her to take me home. Nothing else being said, she grabs my hand and leads me out the door. This was easy and while outside I ask her where her car is and she said, "oh i didn't drive" So we go back inside and I grab SWBM and try to tell him we're leaving with the girls. Adrenaline and Energy was too much. He ignored what I was saying and after 5 minutes of screaming my ass off and grabbing his face, I gave up trying for his attention. After all if she bite my lip that hard what the hell would she have done in the car or in bed. Plus they too lived in Queens and at the time I really didn't want to take that kind of trip.

Back at the house going over the night with SWBM I tell him what happened and he was sooo pissed. He told me to punch him if he didn't listen to me again. So SWBM I will. I will give you a man slap and yell at you.

End of night was great, I had an immense amount of fun and for everyone who showed up I hope you did too. But next time I'm driving. ;-)