Hey guys whats up. I just came back from a night out and i have some stuff to report. Ok first it was like 9 of us. 8 romanians and one american which is me lol. So we are in the club chilling doing our thing. I get out there in the dance floor and start doing my disco stuff. I start getting all the eyes and attention for everybody. I have girls giving me the " wow nice stuff look" and guys giving me the "yeah man look" So I start off good by getting that social proof. So I approach this russian girl. Start dancing with her ok cool. I give her a few spins this and that and started doing my talking. I through a neg here and there and spoke my own russian which she was impressed with lol. Then out of no where ( i think it was an AMOG not sure) this guy comes up and says to her " hey want shot" I was like wtf......... She gave me the finger and said "one momment i will take this shot and come back". I wanted to show that i was not needed and just let her be with the guy buying her the shot. So afters i was hoping maybe she will come back but she never did. I was like #@$#. thats my first story. 2 story is my friend i want to know what you think he should have done. He had this girl from kazastan or w/e. They started dancing and stuff and remember we are in vip so we already loook like we are sombody of high statue. So they start griding and stuff. lol She even kept taking my glasses from me and wearing them saying take a picture this and that. Then they would make out while i was taking the picture lol. So i was thinking to my self ok he is gonna be good for tonight. The russian girl i was talking to before was her friend. She kept pulling her away. But he did good by not chasing. She kept going back to him. Some times she would even go sit down. And he would just ignore her and in about 5 min she would go back to him. I was thinking to my self ok perfect looks like he know what he is doing. Then out of no where another guy comes in. start dancing with her and with in 10 min she is grinding and kissing. I was dumb founded lol. I was like wtf happended. well guys if i can get your opinion on this it would be appriacted.