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Thread: Colombian Chica

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    DaSutra Guest

    Default Colombian Chica

    So i met this chick through a class, she's colombian hung out with her started establishing Kino. Went to her birthday party she bit me, didn't manage to bite her back. She would always hang with me as long as there were others, and then she would wanna hang with me for a few minutes after. She's started calling me babe, but i tried getting her to come out with me once. No answer really, she kinda ignored the request. She messaged me at midnight on new years, happy new year babe, i replied back in the afternoon on 1/1. But any text conversation i have with her is like short and to the point replies. I called her, got her voicemail, she didn't ignore but didn't take the call. Left a message using a you'll never guess what happened to me voicemail.

    I was wondering is there a way i can get this to move forward, or am i just wasting my time, and starting to get oneitis?

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    DaSutra Guest

    Default Re: Colombian Chica

    I can always add more clarification if need be, or more details.


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